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  • For many Saturday nights are a time to experience things they love to do.

    We at Velv'Or love to inspire people with our lifestyle. They themselves can give their own swing to it. The level of naughtiness is up to them!
  • Even when it's raining it still can be a beautiful day!

    Beauty is not only the outside it's also the inside that counts. We say keep your brain as active as you keep your body and take calculated times to relax. You can do this when writing your thoughts down, undressing to hit the spa or simply when sipping on your favorite tea!

    Enjoy it to the max!

  • It's a pleasure to share this review of our JNaja with you!!

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  • Words from a Dutch Adult Retailer!!

    Yesterday afternoon I received my first JNaja. My first impression was: what a sexy box! Around 13:00 I struggled myself into the JNaja (while it is my first rigid CRing I still have to get used to the way to do this) and stayed EnRinged till late that evening. The JNaja works as promised; you will be reminded of your manhood throughout the day and this simply makes you horny. This resulted in a nice surprise for my wife last evening and then the true nature of the JNaja came up …

    … I AM SPEECHLESS … IT WAS FAN-TAS-TIC!! I think my penis has never been so hard, long and thick, with any other cockring! And I got quite some at home (all flexible). I always have the impression that a cockring does its best job when I lie on my back, as if the CRing pinches the bloodflow the best in this position.
    This was also the case with the JNaja, at this moment I really felt the perineum part of the JNaja doing its job and my penis could not remain silent: uncontrolled contractions of the pelvic floor muscles were the result. Not to mention the appearance and feel.

    I have a size 55mm and it fits me nicely. During the day I thought: maybe I could had better gone for a size smaller. But I have what they call a blood sausage. So he grows quite a lot when getting erect and last night during my first erection being EnRinged with my JNaja it looked amazing. I have seen quite a lot of penises in my life while being a bisexual and knew my penis was pretty thick, but not impressive of size. While being EnRinged with the JNaja it seems that my manhood stands out more.

    To keep a long story short: perfect size for me, a BIG 10 for the JNaja!!

    (I still remain curious about a smaller size, would it work, would it be even more comfortable or even make the result even better …????

    Do you also want to experience the same as this humble Dutch Adult Retailer don't hesitate and just order your JNaja NOW!!

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  • While the JNaja is 3D printed we are able to create many different versions of them. Most are created on special request and remain limited editions. This Birdnest version will probably become available for everybody.

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  • What would be your favorite King JCobra or JCobra. Would you go for solid platinum or solid gold and would it be the King JCobra or the JCobra??

    Some words about the solid platinum King JCobra:

    The King JCobra is the most exclusive CockRing on this globe. A ergonomically bent Precious Metal CockRing in the shape of a Cobra which will be individually handcrafted in 100 hours by an award winning Master Silversmith from the UK. A CockRing Jelle Plantenga created to give the world something extraordinary to wear. 

    Like the JCobra it can function as the ultimate wedding-, engagement-, birthday- and most of all sensual gift. A luxury attraction on a Gentlemen’s body.

    The King JCobra can be worn the whole day giving him the pleasure of being “EnRinged”- making sure his perineum is massaged / first chakra is being stimulated – which will increase his sexual health and makes him feel more manly and confident. Of course it has serious benefits during sex, giving him a firm amount of pressure on the perineum which results in a harder erection and a stronger orgasm.

    It weighs close to 685 grams and it’s optional to have a White or Black pearl set in his mouth - which increases the self-confidence of the wearer and enhances his mental faculties, promotes and builds cordial working atmosphere around him – and the chest can be set with numerous diamonds.

    The Solid Platinum version is like all other precious metal King JCobra’s Bespoke made for the future EnRinged Gentleman.

    This beauty starts at a price of € 160000 and is always individually bespoke made by our silversmith. Sky is the limit with this King JCobra so please feel free to contact us for a quote.

    For info about all our other bespoke products please head to this page.
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  • Great review from a customer of The Pleasure Chest!

    I've tried cock rings before but had always given them up quickly just because they felt uncomfortable at times, and I also hated taking them off after just 20 - 30 minutes (not easy to do when you wear them around your balls and are still hard).

    I tried the J'Naja with some trepidation, but am thrilled with the results. I can wear it comfortably for the whole day, getting a nice, steady dose of stimulation (the perineum massage is especially wonderful). The molded material doesn't dig in. Aside from that, I'm more sensitive, my erections are fuller and longer-lasting, and my bulge looks bigger.

    One piece of advice -- if you're between sizes, as I was, go with the smaller one. I like the snug fit.

    Get your JNaja at The Pleasure Chest

  • Sometimes we at Velv'Or receive a letter which we frankly can not resist to share with you. Enjoy and hope you will also be living the Velv'Or Lifestyle soon!

    NYC June 2016
    I am a first timer so never used a Cock Ring before because I didn't believed it would give me something extra in life. Well I was WRONG!!

    Some weeks ago a friend told me something about his JNaja by Velv'Or which got me thinking; "should I also buy one??"

    Well finally last week I ordered one. I was amazed by the stylish white box the JNaja came in; it shows the product from multiple angles and tells you all about it.
    Directly after being EnRinged (the way Velv'Or calls the state when you wear a JNaja) with my JNaja I felt a difference. The pressure behind my balls on my perineum gave me a WOW factor; "I love it".
    Unfortunately my lady wasn't home so just continued my day the cowboy style (without wearing my underwear). I love wearing my jeans the cowboy style which makes me more aware of my manhood; the JNaja enriched this feeling. Dam I recommend it to all men on the globe.

    Finally my lady came home and directly noticed a difference, she said you look more alpha today what did you do? When she said this she noticed the nice white box and picked it up from the dinner table. She was silent for a while, walked up to me, kneeled down, unzipped my pants and said wow does this ring really make you feel the way you feel at the moment? I said yes from the first second I EnRinged myself with it. I can not describe the feeling but it’s amazing and love the way it makes me aware of my manhood every second regardless of what I am doing. While I was telling her about this she could not resist touching the JNaja, something my manhood of course appreciated and I presented her an erection I never experienced before and she could not resist telling me she loved the new way my cock looked. After playing with her fingers, lips and tongue she finally took it all the way. While she was doing this I felt a different pressure on my perineum and started to tighten it. A movement I wrote about on the World of Velv’Or and one I performed previously but now with the JNaja I really felt my cock getting harder every time I tightened this spot. She loved these power strokes and to experience them better, she stopped moving her head keeping me in her so she could feel them better, her tongue gently tickling my cock the moments I didn’t gave her these power strokes. Every stroke became more intense due to the amount of blood in my penis, I felt and saw my veins getting bigger and bigger. I was thinking dam why why why didn’t I tried this before. Eventually I couldn’t hold it and filled her with more semen than ever before. Normally after this I needed a small bit of rest before going for the next round but this time with the JNaja EnRinging me I kept up straight, undressed my lady, went down on her, filled her pussy with my newly EnRinged cock, went down on her again, filled her pussy again with my cock, had her come multiple times until she screamed and begged me to come inside of her.

    Dam Velv’Or thanks for this amazing experience and I can tell you guys I experienced many more of these Velv’Or Moments in my life now a days so decided I am also living the Velv’Or Lifestyle and can’t wait for my JCobra to arrive!! I ordered the Solid Silver Vigor Edition and know for 100% sure many more will follow.

  • It's a pleasure to again be present in the great Spanish B2B magazine Sugextions!!

    Please check out the full magazine online at http://www.publica.es/digital/sx-14.htm

  • Many of you think I am just a Cock Ring and nothing more! But I am actually doing way more to you!!
    The pressure I put on your perineum gives you a harder erection, a more intense ejaculation and YES it boosts your sexual health.


    Well because I put pressure on your corpus spongiosum when you wear me. A big part of this corpus, that is located on the part of your penis that faces to the floor when you are erect, runs towards your anus and the pressure I put on this part pushes more blood towards the front of this corpus making your erection harder.
    While your urethra is also located in this corpus the pressure on it will make your ejaculation more intense.
    The massage I give on this part when you wear me for longer periods of time boosts your sexual health.

    Want to feel and experience this as well? Get me now!

  • Unfortunately it is still a fact that many men still do not know why they should be wearing our JBoa on a daily basis!!
    We know education can make many of you to decide to give it a go!

    Our JBoa is a lasso Penis Ring one that you should wear "ONLY" at the base of your penis as close to your body as possible.

    How to wear it daily during your shower!
    Before putting it on we advise you to do our Swinging PWOD just for a minute or so to fill your penis with a nice amount of blood. Your penis doesn't have to be erect just nicely filled. Now put your JBoa in place and pull the string so the JBoa nicely ConStricts the base of your penis. With your two thumbs you now push the JBoa even more towards your body. When you do this you will see and feel your Penis to become bigger. When in place pull the strings a little bit more so it ConStricts you with more force. You will probably love the way your penis looks now!
    Now you can leave it there for some minutes. Please listen to your body and build up the time of ConStiction by listing carefully to your body.

    The aim is that the blood chambers of your penis will extend so your penis will feel and look bigger over the months of doing this exercise on a daily basis.

    If we inspired you, which we hope we did, and you do not own a JBoa yet now is the time to get one!
  • I am the BeauGosse BG 001 and although I am SMALL I am very very POWERFUL

    The BeauGosse BG 001 is created to give you a penis that feels like wood. The pressure on the base of your penis leads to restricting blood in your erect penis; which results in prolonging your erection. The pressure also results in a mind blowing, very powerful ejaculation, because your sperm is squeezed out under pressure.

    This very stretchy ring is your ideal mate during intercourse as well as during masturbation. Wearing it for some time during the day, for instance during your daily shower, with a half erect penis makes your penis feel bigger and more sensitive throughout the day.
    While the BG 001 keeps the blood in your penis, you really need to follow the indication of your body and take it off when required. Normally we advise to wear the BG 001 for about 30 minutes.
    The BG 001 is made from a very comfortable to wear, high quality TPR and can be used with all types of lubes and oils.

    How to Wear
    Get hard, slightly stretch out the BG 001 so you can place it on the base of your penis. Now firmly push it towards your body making sure it sits at the most effective spot.

    Velv’Or advises you to listen to your body carefully, as the length of being EnRinged varies per person.

    “Enjoy being EnRinged”

  • Sometimes somebody that is a veteran in the world of SexToy reviews decides to give our JNaja a try even though he thought it was only a piece of jewelry for his penis.
    After wearing it he realized he was totally wrong about our gem! Scroll down to read our Google Translated English text which is not perfect but you will understand it!

    For the full French review head to http://www.69desirs.fr/test-jnaja-cockring-velvor/

    Ah! Behold the famous cock ring JNaja of Velv'Or! I heard everywhere and especially on Twitter, I saw him on Instagram but now I can see it on my dick. Yes, oh, okay! We're still on 69desirs.fr here. And it is not a surprise, a cock ring, does not go around the wrist like a bracelet. What gives this famous JNaja cock ring? I do not know, so I will test it and tell you all about it!


    The packaging is quite simple and sober. A white box with the logo above and pictures of the Velv'Or JNaja. The box is rather classy, it reminds me a little bit of Venice. Indeed, the JNaja depending on its position in space can look like a Venetian mask.

    The box includes information about the JNaja on the sides of the box, how to wear it and how to select the diameter of the cockring. Handy, because there is a wide choice of sizes. In short it is good packaging. No carrying case or anything else, so if you like the box "keep it" to store your JNaja or hang your JNaja somewhere on a string, it will be fine too.


    The first time I saw this sex toy, I must admit that I did not understood the trick. I thought it was a gem for the cock. Yes, a little weird, but hey why not. Then, speaking with a few people, I learned that this cockring was special and very effective. When he arrived, I looked at it a little more closely. It's a cock ring, but with a particular style/shape. We are not facing a round cock ring but an oval one. It is not a simple circle or even a regular oval. This really is a special form.

    Designed in the Netherlands, the JNaja I received was black, but there are other colors as well, including red and white. But the manufacturer also displays a pendant version with a wide selection of different and varied colors. In short, there is choice. Note also that the small part is aimed to stimulate the perineum, not many cock rings have this feature. The Mystim Earl for example, does not offer such a system.

    The JNaja is available in several sizes (7 in all) and I advise you to be careful at this point. You will find this cockring size diameter of 3.5 cm, 4 cm, 4.5 cm, 4.75 cm, 5 cm, 5.25 cm and 5.5 cm. Please be aware that the models 4.5 cm, 5.5 cm and 5 cm are the most common, other dimensions on request from the manufacturer.

    So I choose the version 5 cm, a size that suits me very well, I already had occasion to calculate the diameter of my penis that is between average around 4.5 cm depends on the times (It is not always the same size depending if i'm tired), so I choose the same size and even preferring to take a little bit above without exaggerating either. The 5.25 cm would not have been suitable.

    To measure the size to choose your JNaja, you must be in a state of full erection, take a piece of string and slide behind the testicles and above the penis to the other part as close to your body. Make a mark on the string at the point where the two parts meet and where you feel being in a comfortable situation. Remove the string and then measure the distance between the two marks made. You then get the circumference. Then divide that value by 3.14 (π) and get your diameter. Fortunately, my geometry classes are still in memory. You have a diagram to help you visualize a little more manipulation over.


    The JNaja cock ring is made of nylon fiber! Yes, it is not common! I admit that this is the first time I came across a sextoy made of this material. Nylon fiber is hard, it almost looks like wood. Moreover, the JNaja is produced by 3D printing and colored like the faded jeans that were treated accelerated aging carried out by washing with pumice stones. Frankly, I love it, I know it will apply a good pressure on the perineum, which is not the case with silicone.


    Back to basics, what is a cock ring? The most important point, often announced, is the fact to get a better erection and delay ejaculation. Indeed, the erection will be firmer as blood flow will be altered thereby inflate the penis. 
    Your orgasms will be more intense due to the pressure of the perineal part of the JNaja on your perineum, which is located behind your testicles, but also because your testicles are pushed into a certain position.

    To wear the JNaja, you must answer a question: You prefer to be a good lover or find yourself in the hospital? Yes, some will understand my line of humor, for others, I suggest you read my instructions. If you want to be a good lover, first, you have to use this cock ring properly and not use it too much and too long.

    To put it in place, hold your JNaja with the part for the perineum facing your body. Place your testicles through the oval shape of the product, then push your penis in the same oval and move it to the other side, then pull your package outward and the JNaja will be well in place. Of course, do this when you have your penis at rest. Trying it on when being fully erect is painful and barely possible.

    According Velv'Or, it is advisable to use the JNaja a short time. Usually this is around 30 minutes but this can vary from person to person, so listen carefully to your body. Personally, I keep it on for an average of 25 minutes, sometimes a little longer, but never more than an hour. However, it is possible to use it intermittently, if you have a wild night. But you will see below, everything depends on the situation.

    In use, the surface of JNaja will wash out. Its specific texture, nylon fiber, is similar to that of jeans. So, the more you use, the more it will wash out and creates a unique style. It's pretty cool stuff so we can "pimp" our cockrings. Of course, to wash it, warm water, this is enough.


    Well, lets talk about its effectiveness, because its design looks great and has everything we want it's not a piece of art that will be left on a shelf. I must tell you, I love this cock ring! In one hand, it is very simple to use. At first I wondered how this thing is going to be put on me penis by looking at the pictures, once in hand and placement in mind, it is very easy. Just follow the instructions I gave you earlier.

    Wearing it, i've had no problem, it can be worn over a long period when you're not in full erection. I think you can even wear it all day. It is comfortable and not asphyxia the penis. I could wear it several times during more or less long periods following the activity. From 30 minutes to several hours. No pinching sensation, unpleasant friction, the texture is really comfortable to wear and does not cause any issue. That's frankly the same as my steel Mystim Earl cock ring that I love. Here the pressure on the perineum is a plus. This is supposed to be close to an internal prostate massage but from the outside, for me, I think it adds extra stimulation, but it is not the same sensations as the contact of the prostate. Nevertheless, the perineal part is well placed, it is effective and helps erection quickly. It is especially comfortable, no movement to one side or the other, it remains well in the middle and that's really a good thing when I compare it with prostate massagers including perineal parts that tends not to stay in place.

    As for comfort, I think I did well to take the 5 cm version! Indeed, I am a little less tight than in the Mystim Earl, but depending on where I place the JNaja, I can get a more or less pressure. The more I put the cock ring close to my body, the more pressure I've got. So, it is very convenient to "catch its breath" without removing the cock ring. A very good thing from the JNaja.

    Obviously it does it's job! Repeatedly tested with simple masturbation or masturbation with a suction cup dildo in my ass, either by vaginal penetration with Lilou, it is an ally of choice and allows for very nice orgasms. I got one that lasted a little longer than usual, at other times, it was stronger and the rest of the time, it makes me even more big cock and Lilou love it for the many times she told me, once JNaja installed. And then I think it will also be a great ally at swingers parties, you should never be too careful.


    In the end, it's a real surprise! This is perhaps more than a year that I had seen this cock ring. I thought it was mostly a cock ring jewelry, but nothing more, and today it is clearly becoming a serious rival to my Mystim Earl! In fact, I realize that I like cock rings more and more and for various reasons I will not go into here, but yes, there are real cock ring that brings real benefits to everyone! I can not wait to test other models cockring in Velv'Or, I became a fan!

    SUMMARY At the end, great surprise! It clearly a good rivals to my Mystim Earl, even surpasses it. I must say I'm a fan of this product. I can not wait to test other models, because for me it has no default, just be careful the choice of your size, this is your responsibility.