• We don’t mean smooth as in showing / having coolness - even though the Velv’Or VV X is an extremely cool piece of craftsmanship with which to intimately massage your partner.

    What we mean is its curves are smooth: it has no lumps, bumps, bristles or sharp bits. It is smooth. C’est lisse. Het is glad. È liscio. Es liso. Es ist glatt. It is ... well you get it … smooth: as smooth as the glans of a penis, unless of course the glans is ornamented as some are with pearly penile papules.

    Why have we designed the VV X like it is and with such a smooth finish? It is because we created it to be used by one partner on another partner to bring enjoyment and pleasure. And would you be surprised to learn that it evolved from an idea based loosely upon the modern day human penis? We’d be surprised if you weren’t!

    What do we mean by the modern day human penis? Well, many scientists believe that men have not always sported penises quite like the ones they possess today. During human evolution they think our ancestors penises were thin, short, sensory whiskered, spiny with a bone inside and a small glans.

    So what happened? How and why did our penises change to become long, thick, whiskerless, spineless and boneless, with a large glans and a long retractile foreskin? The answer that has been postulated is the change was brought about / sought by our female ancestors. They took matters into heir own hands and started a process that remodeled their partners’ penises for their needs.

    That’s not to say they did this consciously or that the changes occurred quickly. It is thought that a process of evolutionary selection started as our female ancestors developed an awareness of, and an ability to remember, what gave them pleasure. Their choice was for a penis that gave them more pleasure, a longer sexual experience, and that could be assessed easily and visually for its potential to deliver the goods. This selection process started well before our ancestors were even looking like humans.

    Over millennia our female ancestors mated preferentially with males whose penises provided greater pleasure and less trauma. Their partners’ characteristics were passed on to the next generation where another round of selection determined whether or not they were passed any further.

    Eventually, the bone was lost enabling the penis to enter into the vagina from different angles and once in to bend as necessary. The glans became bigger and the shaft lengthened and increased in girth. These changes in size enhanced stimulation of what has become the clitoris, while the softness of the larger glans aided entry of the penis into the vagina. As the erect shaft became longer it required more skin, which was provided in part by the development of the complex double-layered retractile foreskin. The foreskin itself became highly specialized and developed soft ridges to stimulate the female during sexual activity. In addition, foreskins that did not fully retract off the glans also aided easier and gentler penile entry of the vagina. Once inside the vagina, the foreskin facilitated a less abrasive and, compared with thrusting movement, a less aggressive gliding movement of the penis. The gliding movement also helped keep vaginal secretions inside the vagina thereby helping reduce vaginal dryness and discomfort. The sensory whiskers and spines, which are thought to have helped trigger ejaculation, were lost in exchange for an increased period of stimulation for the female between receiving the penis into the vagina and ejaculation.

    And if that was not enough for our female ancestors, our penises darken at puberty, which along with the longer thicker shaft and bigger glans helped a better-hung male to be spotted and assessed before any sexual activity took place.

    So today we have the modern day human penis. They come in varying lengths and girths, and degrees of straightness. All are boneless. The foreskin has become the most sensitive part, helping protect the glans both physically and chemically by the secretion of anti-bacterial compounds. It also keeps the glans clean and permanently lubricated thereby improving its sensitivity and aiding smoother intercourse. The frenulum another very sensitive part of the penis, links the foreskin to the glans. The glans comes in a range of sizes and though most are smooth, some men have pink or pearly penile papules decorating the coronal ridge of theirs. These harmless growths are thought to be the vestiges of the spines on the penises of our ancestors.

    We are not saying that the VV X is the shape of things to come. It is our interpretation of what can be used to give pleasure, be it the massaging of the G-spot in women or the P-spot in men.

    And as for your natural attributes, whatever you are endowed with be proud of it. Be proud as well of our ancestors who helped create it. Irrespective of its appearance, length and girth, or glans size and shape, treat it with respect. Its journey to be with you has been a long one. And when you want to give it a little rest and your partner some variation in your sexual actives, remember you can use a VV X.

    If you would like to get your hands on a Velv’Or VV X please place your order via our online store. Let us know which model you would like – gold, silver or resin - and we make it for you. Then when it arrives just enjoy the pleasure we are sure it will bring.

  • During the years that we have the JBoa on the market we have ConStricted thousands of Gentlemen with it. But did we also ConStricted you?? If not we hope we will do this very soon!!

    Head over to www.Velv-Or.com to get yours now!!
  • As a one guy brand it is always a pleasure to see my products promoted by friends from the Industry.

    This time a huge thanks to Rianne S and the Viva

    Please all visit Rianne S her website at www.Rianne-S.com and the Viva at www.Viva.nl

  • Silver

    Bright, reflective, lustrous.

    Resilient, adaptable, responsive.

    These characteristics of silver have helped make it attractive to man for the past 6000 years: a period during which, because of its rarity, it became a form of money and remains to this day a store of value.

    Silver has indeed come to occupy a special place in human history and in the lives of the people using it: mirroring, as it does, their own personalities.

    If it hasn’t as yet achieved a special place in you life, you can correct that easily. You can own one or more of our silver objets d’art - works of art that deliver on their artifice, have intended to be used and treasured, and have the potential to become family heirlooms to be passed from generation to generation. As the owner of a Velv’Or silver creation, you will find your sex life and that of your partner can become master pieces of enjoyment and satisfaction.

    Why choose silver? We say “Why not?” You want to impress - it is impressive. You want to gratify - it is gratifying. You are a sensual, pleasure-loving and performance driven individual - it provides a visual and tactile statement of what you are, what you’ve achieved and what you can deliver. It will link you with your enjoyment of the good things in life.

    Our sensual and luxurious devices made of this precious and noble metal with its superior conductivity rapidly acquire the warmth of the bodies they touch. They are unlikely to cause any contact reactions, affect your microbiome, or alter in the moist environments you will introduce them to. All are crafted by a master silversmith, who only uses silver from reputable suppliers who work to minimise their environmental impact.

    Have a look online to see what is available. Choose from our:

    • King JCobra - a magnificent sculpture providing firm pressure on your perineum to improve you erections and orgasms
    • JCobra - the stylised version of the King JCobra, available in solid or hollow, velvet or Vigor finished editions, and with the option of an embedded precious or semi precious stone of your choice
    • JPython - with its decorative silver toggle this lasso is guaranteed will keep you in pole position
    • VV X - designed for the ultimate g-spot or p-spot massage

    Contact us today at orders@velv-or.com to discuss you particular needs. Let us help you acquire the luxury you deserve in your life.

    ** If the image of the silver object with the face is yours or the one of the coins and you want me to remove them just email me at jelle@velv-or.com

  • The meaning of Movember

    Movember (a portmanteau of the Australian-English diminutive word for moustache, "mo", and "November") is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men's health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men's suicide.

    Honestly speaking I (Jelle the owner of Velv'Or) did not know that Movember is also here to raise awareness of men's suicide.

    Some of you might know that my son, Kenzo, committed suicide in August 2016 at the age of 25. The scar his death left behind is huge and will forever mark my life, that of his mother, his sister and all other family members and close friends.

    Not many people openly talk about suicide, which is a shame. The more it is thought a taboo subject the harder it is for people suffering with suicidal thoughts to talk about them and search for guidance in life.

    Even though Movember makes us share the awareness of men's health, it is also a time to celebrate the fact that many men are healthy and if not that they accept help and guidance. For this reason I offer you all a gift and hope you will share this message with friends and family.

    Wishing you all an amazing day and again thanks for sharing this newsletter with as many of friends and family as possible.

  • What a pleasure it was to have an interview with Bard van de Weijer from De Volkskrant (one of the biggest Dutch Newspapers) and talk to him about the 3D Printed products of my brand Velv'Or and of course seeing the finished article in the amazing Sir Edmund nr. 33.

    The reactions to the article were great and I hope many Newspapers and Magazines will follow De Volkskrant in their footsteps.

    You can read the full online version of the in Dutch written article about "Van virtuele seks tot 3D-printtechnieken: dit zijn de innovaties in de seksindustrie" by clicking HERE

    For all other articles by Bard click HERE

    Thanks for sharing this post and the link to the article with your friends and family.


  • It is a pleasure show you this second blog. I really hope you appreciate the info about the BeauGosse set & CRings!

    Thanks for sharing it with the world!


  • Hereby our first Vlog about new sizes for the JNada & JNata and some education how to wear.

    I hope you liked it and will share it with your friends.


  • A Velv’Or Cock Ring gives the wearer that EnRinged feeling. Some men so much enjoy the feeling that they wear their crings throughout the day. Some choose to wear different sized crings: a cring for comfort during the day, and a tighter cring for sex. Others wear a smaller cring during the day and a looser one during sex. Some opt to wear two together.

    Whatever size you choose to do, the truth is that the closer the cring sits against your body the more effective and pleasurable you’ll find the experience. So make sure that you wear yours correctly.

    To adorn yourself with one of our Cock Rings we recommend you start by placing the cring beside the side of your scrotum which contains your lowest hanging ball, and pulling some of the scrotal skin through the cring. When enough of your scrotum is through the cring your ball can be eased through. Gently hold that ball aside and begin to pull the rest of your scrotum through the cring. Once enough is through, a bit of encouragement will see your second ball join its brother through the cring.

    Holding both balls to one side, so they don’t retreat back through the cring, thread your flaccid penis through the remaining available space. Once everything is through the ring, hold your balls and penis and swivel the cring into its correct position. The cring should be up against your body, and if it has an arm, or snake’s head and neck, that should sit along your raphe where it traverses your perineum. The raphe is the line, sometimes it’s a ridge, in your skin that runs from your anus across your perineum over your scrotum and to some extent up the underside of your penis.

    Having correctly positioned your cring, use this following tip to help you enjoy even more the benefits of wearing it.

    With the cring in place, hold your scrotum and balls up a bit and reach down with a finger and find the part of the ring closest to your anus. Slide your finger towards your scrotum over the edge of the cring and down the shallow notch on the inside of the cring. Stop when you touch your scrotum. If you are not sure where the notch is, it is in line with the arm of the cring. On the King JCobra, the equivalent of the notch is where the tail touches the snake’s neck.

    Then while touching your scrotum push your finger down gently and with the finger tip ease a little bit more skin through the cring. It need only be a little extra skin.

    Now move to the other side of the cring where it sits above your penis. Push your penis down a bit. You’ll find that you can now ease the cring a little bit closer to your body by pulling a bit of pubic skin through the ring. Again it need only be a little extra skin.

    By making these manoeuvres you will help the ring to apply a bit of extra pressure to where the shaft of your penis enters your body the manoeuvres will also ensure that an arm, or snakes head and neck, on a cring will push that little bit more firmly against your perineum. Besides giving a stronger massage it will also apply additional pressure to the bulb or root of your penis beneath the perineum. This added pressure, will help push the blood into the shaft of your penis and help keep your erection hard.

    Of course, whatever you choose to wear, and however you choose to wear it, is a matter of personal choice - and also of how many Velv’Or Cock Rings you own. Naturally, we recommend having a wide collection of crings, so you can experiment with them.

    If you need to extend your collection have a look at our online store. We’ve recently increased the size range of our JNada and JNata ranges.

    If you want to jingle at Christmas place an order today.

    For all that like to see the face behing Velv'Or please head to  our Vlog on YouTube

  • For whatever reason, if you are not getting enough sleep you are not doing yourself any favours. And the chances are high that you are not getting the amount of sleep you do need. Experts recommend eight hours of sleep a day.

    A good night’s sleep is the foundation on which health improving exercise regimes and eating fresh food sit.

    So how can you ensure the quality and quantity of sleep your mind and body need?

    Professor Matthew Walker, author of the recently published “Why we sleep?” says there are five things you should be you doing.

    1 Maintain a regular pattern
    Go to sleep and wake up at the same times each day. Build up a good biological rhythm and don’t alter it at the weekend. Changing the pattern at the weekend is inflicting the equivalent of jet lag on your body. Get the sleep you need in a consistent fashion. The brain can’t stock pile excess sleep or catch up when you have not slept enough.

    2 Keep it cool in the bedroom
    The best temperature is about 18 to 18.5 degrees Centigrade. The body needs to cool down to get the most beneficial sleep, so a cool room will help take you body in the right temperature direction to get that deep healthy sleep.

    3 Keep your bedroom dark
    Dime the lights around you while preparing to go to bed, and cut out unwanted light while sleeping.

    4 Don’t stay in bed when awake
    If you can’t fall asleep or have woken up and stayed awake for 15 or 20 minutes get out of bed. Go to another room, dime the lights and read a book - do not use your laptop, tablet or smart phone and don’t eat anything. Then when you feel tired, go back to bed. This will train your brain that being in bed is for sleeping.

    5 Avoid sedatives and stimulants
    Stay away from alcohol in the evening and caffeine after midday. Alcohol is a sedative and being sedated is not the same as getting proper deep sleep. Caffeine is a stimulant that keeps you awake and normally stays in your body for up to 6 hours.

    If you want to read more about sleep we also recommend Richard Wiseman’s “Night School - wake up to the power of sleep”.

    Of course, all this talk of beds and sleep begs the question whether you be using yours for your sexual adventures.
  • Somedays you just want to help and support your kids. Today is such a day that I want to support and help Jools my daughter of 15 with her brand bitter.sweat.peach

    I sincerely hope many of you will place an order and share her brand with friends, family and on social media. It doesn't have the stigma/taboo that Velv'Or has.

    Please visit http://bittersweetpeach.storenvy.com and follow bitter.sweat.peach on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/bitter.sweet.peach/

    Of course the bitter.sweat.peach products can also be included in your Velv'Or package. If so please send an email order to orders@velv-or.com

    Looking forward seeing your support!!

    Jelle - Owner of Velv'Or
  • It is always a pleasure to read about my brand and one of its products in the media. Today I received the following link from the sweet Alison of Fornicari!!

    -- For the special man on your list. Fornicari might point you to Dutch designer Jelle Plantenga's Velv'Or line. A whopping $183,000 will get you the King JCobra ring -- which, to put it delicately, is the type of ring that can only be worn by a man. For a price, you can add a pearl to the snake's mouth, have the piece engraved with a name or "personal message," and delivered in a box made by the "master craftsmen of Bentley and Rolls Royce." The website also has directions on how to measure yourself for the proper size ring, including graphics.--

  • It’s hard to describe. It’s more than an ergonomic shaped ring.

    It’s hardening, affirming and adorning. It’s tactile, balancing and EnRinging.

    Its form is realistically purposeful: a BeRinging torus with a vitalising arm reaching out to caress.

    The curve of the torus arches, bows, and undulates, as it girdles a slightly elliptical opening. Some describe this rolling flowing movement as wibbly. 

    Evocative of a saddle shaped hyperbolic paraboloid, the torus in profile calls to mind a lemniscate, the figure of eight that symbolises the infinite.

    At Velv'Or we describe the JNaja as a step towards you rewarding yourself with your own bespoke JCobra.

    How do you describe yours? Looking forward reading your comments on this post!!
  • From time to time I receive emails from the members of the League Of EnRinged Gentlemen I simply love to share with you. Here is one of them:

    Hi Jelle

    I have had an interesting evening. I hope you've had a good one too.

    I bought some almond paste (marsepein) and made flattened cylinders (imitation penis shafts). I then cut off the cylinders at an acute angle to see what shape the section would be. 

    I discovered that I was not good at making imitation penises from almond paste! 

    I also discovered that the section was rather more round than I had thought it would be.

    I then made some little rings using black bioplastic.

    I made quite a few Glans Rings. Ones with internal diameters of 25mm, 30mm and 35mm. Plan rings and rings with pointed bits. Rings that were curved and others that were flat.

    What I found was:
    25mm is frighteningly small
    35mm is too big for me
    curved rings are better than flat rings
    the actual ring could have been a bit smaller in diameter - about 4mm rather than 5mm
    the amount of curve does not need to be much (Those in the picture are too curved)
    the pointed bit needs to be smaller than in the picture
    the ring is a better fit if it is 30mm wide and 27.5mm in the other direction (like the purple JNada is 50mm wide and 45mm in the other direction). It is the one on the left in the picture above.

    So there you have it. I would recommend something more like a JNada than a JNaja that is slightly less curved, and that is 30mm internal from side to side (38mm external diameter) and 27.5mm from front to back (35.5mm external diameter).

    I hope this gives you some useful information.

    I know many members of the League Of EnRinged Gentlemen are wearing Glans Rings and that I would make them very happy when I create some for them. My question to you all is to share your thoughts about Glans Rings and there shapes to me so I can come up with something amazing for you all.

    Thanks in advance for your follow ups on this post!

    In the mean time get your self a JNada if you do not have one yet and if you do get some extra ones. http://www.velv-or.com/products/3d-printed/jnada

  • Our products can enhance your orgasms. Next time, a JNaja or a JNada.

    Next time you have an intimate orgasm, we hope you'll be wearing one of our cock rings.

    Keep quiet about your orgasm history. But when EnRinged, be vocal!!
  • An AMAZING testimonial by a very proud & happy member of our League Of EnRinged Gentlemen

    How a cockring changed my life.
    A testimony about the JNaja by Velv'Or (from one very satisfied EnRinged Gentleman)

    “My eyes were opened to a whole new world...”
    A year ago my life was forever changed when I decided to start trying cockrings. I tried several different kinds that I found online and also in local sex shops and I was amazed how profoundly it affected my sex life but also my sexual health. I began to be happier at work and with friends but nothing was as great as when I discovered the JNaja... I found it on a list of the best cock rings and I began to read reviews. Everyone was talking about this special cock ring that is the first of its kind that is designed to be worn comfortably all day. I went to the Velv'Or website and began to read testimonies from other men that had become "EnRinged" and I quickly realized that the JNaja is more than just a sex toy... it is a men's health product… It was my key into a special world of EnRinged Gentlemen.

    “I felt like the JNaja was a part of me”
    I ordered a bright blue 45mm JNaja and waited very excitedly for the mail. When my package came in, I unwrapped it and put it on immediately and I felt like it was a part of me. Such a natural comfortable fit. I felt like someone had flipped a switch inside me... I began to feel more alive. When I had sex with my beautiful girlfriend Dani we both enjoyed it and I could feel my orgasms much harder and I lasted longer... and I was happy that I could pleasure Dani much better while wearing the JNaja. Even when I masturbated while EnRinged with the JNaja- it felt so good that sometimes I would masturbate several times in a row! And then I felt more at peace in my life! Every time I would have an intense orgasm, i could feel it in my brain... almost like a brain bath and afterwards it would linger like my body was telling me "thank you"..

    “I was transformed… people noticed my new confidence”
    I began wearing it all day... even at work. When I would wear it at work I would feel more
    confident... more passionate about my job. I would feel more effective! The JNaja began to
    make every area of my life better!

    “And then my dog ate it!”
    I have had much more purpose and passion in my life after becoming EnRinged. For an entire year I have been wearing the JNaja- but recently my dog snagged it off my bed table and chewed it up!! P erhaps he was jealous or curious of what this beautiful item was that gave me such great power ?

    “I felt like a part of me was missing…”
    I knew that I had to reach out to Jelle, the brilliant mind behind JNaja at Velv'Or. When I spoke to him it was as if I was speaking to an old friend who knew me for years. He was able to mail me custom made replacement JNajas very quickly! I would not have to live my life without the JNaja for very long.
    I decided to try a tighter 40mm for sex and a 45mm for my allday/everyday use. The 40mm ring makes me feel instantly rock hard and my orgasms are very very strong. When I am done I carefully remove it and clean it and then I put on the 45mm to wear casually. I even ordered a beautiful pendant necklace to show how proud I am to be an EnRinged Gentleman!

    The JNaja has changed my life and I am forever grateful to Jelle and Velv'Or for
    their vision. I hope that they continue to have incredible success and I will continue to recommend the JNaja to all of my dear friends and colleagues! Thank you and I hope my testimony is helpful!

  • A huge amount of the members of our League of EnRinged Gentlemen are EnRinged for 24/7 they wear one CRing of ours all day or re-dress during the day for a different color, size or model.

    If you are one of the members of our League Of EnRinged Gentlemen I would love to read your re-dress moments in the comments of this post! This way all future members of the League Of EnRinged Gentlemen can learn from your experiences.

    Thanks in advance!!

  • Only one is available in 55MM