• I wanted to share with you a great Radio Show by BBC 4 called In Business. This great episode is about How Sex Toys Became Sexy and stars some cool industry colleagues of mine:
    Sam Roddick founder of Coco de Mer, Ron & Chad & Erica Braverman family behind Doc Johnson, Neal Slateford & Richard Longhurst founders of Lovehoney and Wu Wei president of Lover Health Science and Technology Co., Ltd

    Please head over to https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0bggnbm to listen to the show!
  • It is always a pleasure to read a good article in a Industry magazine like the Intimate from AVN. Just a shame they didn't included Velv'Or but still a nice one to share with you all!

    When you click on the images below scroll to pages 22, 23, 24, 26, 28

    To read the full Intimate from AVN click here and for other editions click here

  • A Fit Penis is a penis most men prefer to have. A penis that is able to be nicely filled with blood for a good amount of time. I, Jelle the owner of Velv'Or, believe that every guy can achieve this when he lives a healthy fit lifestyle. Total body workouts are key in this lifestyle and these of course also includes Penis Exercises. A very easy one you should do every single day and preferably multiple times on the day is "Staying Hard for about 30 Min".

    It is an exercise that can easily be done while sitting behind a desk, sitting in a car, while walking, while laying down, it can actually be done where ever you are. I understand that you might think "uhm but when I do this all people around me will notice this" this can of course be the case when being nude or wearing a loose underpants that is also why I advice a tight knee long underpants which will keep your penis firmly beside your leg. When going flaccid you can simply put your hand in your pocket to stimulate your penis by applying some pressure to it or by tapping on it.

    This Penis Exercise will make your penis fitter due to the increased amount of blood that will flow in it. Please do not get scared when you feel a bit of ache in your penis. This is completely normal!

    I wish you lots of pleasure during this PWOD.

  • Our JCobra is one of the most exclusive Rings that are made for Gentlemen. This CrownJewel for his Crown Jewels is always individually created by our award winning master Silversmith from the UK. This limited edition JCobra is created the same way. It has slightly different inner measurements if you compare it to the standard sizes.


    We are looking forward reading your interest at orders@velv-or.com so we can create a nice special price for you.

  • It is always great to receive images taken by a member of our League Of EnRinged Gentlemen. The JNadas, JNaja and JNatas are lying on the book cover from a book written by a man called Randi! 

    Please find all in our store on www.Velv-Or.com

  • It is such a pleasure to see the posts of the members of the League Of EnRinged Gentlemen on our sub-reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/EnRingedGentlemen/

    How would you enjoy your sailing trip?

    What was I thinking? I need to order a new JNata to match the glasses! from r/EnRingedGentlemen

    We hope you will also be EnRinged with a JNata of ours soon!! Check them out here http://www.velv-or.com/products/3d-printed/jnata

  • We love to collaborate with creative companies and Fotostudio Enjoy is one of them!!

    This amazing photostudio is run by Ingrid & Walter. Please check out some of there Artistic Nude photography

    and this very cool video

  • It is great to show the VV 1 with Snake Necklace on the body.

    We hope you will be wearing our VV 1 as necklace and Gentlemen's Ring as well soon!!

  • We hope you will benefit from this offer of our Friends of Velv'Or shop

  • Greg Ory who's birth name is Randy Spears talks openly about his experience being one of the worlds most successful heterosexual male porn stars in this video dating back to June 2015.

  • Over the years I made you very happy with my range of Gentlemen Rings but I know for sure that the VV X will rock your world as well.

    Here are some words from me about this amazing Erotic Jewel that will EnRich your life and that of your partner!

  • Many members of our League Of EnRinged Gentlemen love to watch their partner/partners enjoying sex with another person. Most practice Penis Workouts during these sensual moments in life. It is actually a very good moment to practice PWODs while on these moments the blood flow in the male body is on an increased level which means there is also more blood running to and through the body.

    Here are some he can practice:
    Putting Pressure
    Blood Flow

  • A Golden Oldie from ABC News. We hope you like it!

  • A question that is frequently asked me is the following: Jelle are your 3D Printed CRings Rigid or Soft ??

    In this 5th Vlog you will learn about the "Why they are Rigid".

  • For all that missed our latest newsletter!!

    Please know that we will only be doing promotions over the Tictail Platform soon. You will receive these when you are a customer or a follower of ours! To become a customer simply place an order on www.Velv-Or.com and to become a follower simply click on the Follow on Tictail button in the right down corner of the screen on www.Velv-Or.com

  • It is a pleasure to share this Italian review by Plug the Fun with you. Please also visit their site while they got some amazing reviews for you. If you don't read Italian just use Google Translate or an other translating site.

    Here is a small part of the translation:

    It is a masculine and very masculine sex toy, used to prolong an erection by playing on the flow of blood that reaches the penis. It's quite interesting as a ring type and I think it's like a first ring. So if you are curious to try it is right for you, you can easily adjust it. It is not a standard size, but through the steel ring around the black rubber, it adjusts itself without too much trouble.

    For the rest please head over to https://www.plugthefun.com/2017/09/jboa-di-velv-or-un-ring-semplice-regolabile-elegante/

  • We wanted to share with you that there are some new images to be seen on our Sub-Reddit

    Please visit https://www.reddit.com/r/EnRingedGentlemen/
  • We are very proud to have an advert in the Naughty N' New Orleans Special 20th Anniversary edition by ASN Magazine.

    Enjoy reading this great magazine!!

    You can read the August 2018 edition at

    And all others at

  • After the JNaja Jay from Tess Tesst also reviewed our JBoa.

    Please head over to
    to read the full review!!

  • We are always very happy to see our JCobra featured by the global press. Thanks Marie Claire Malaysia and Lira Jamaluddin!!

    2. JCobra Ring by Velv’Or

    Would you rather pay for the down-payment of a house or gift this oh-so-charming cock ring to your man instead?

    The unique organic oval-shape is designed by Velv’Or to flow with the natural contours of a gentlemen’s groin, making it the most comfortable, ergonomic cock ring ever created. The JCobra ring can be worn all day long, giving the wearer discreet pleasure, as the extension tip delivers firm pressure, constantly massaging his perineum.

    The designers of this lavish accessory promise harder erections and stronger orgasms, but for that price, this cock ring should probably wash the dishes for you, do the laundry and go to work for the rest of your life too.

    Oh! You also have the choice to turn up your fancy game by substituting or adding diamonds to the pearl that’s already attached to it.

    Click on the images above or head over to the original articles at Marie Claire Malaysia: