• Sometimes we need to be inspired to enjoy different Sex Positions.

    Like this wheelbarrow position demonstrated by our JBoas.
    It is a position that people of all ages can do and which can be performed while penetrating your partners vagina or anus.
    She/he just sits on her hands and knees on the floor and you kneel behind her/him. To start getting comfortable in this position slide your penis inside her/him and grab her/his feet and pull these upwards so her/his feet and knees will get of the floor. While in this position trust her/him; if this feels comfortable for both you can try standing up remaining in this position.

    I say enjoy experimenting different Sex Positions together to make sex more interesting and pleasurable for both. Why always the same positions if you can enjoy a different one each time you have sex.

    Oh and guys never skip a day in the year without doing this PWOD - Penis Workout Of the Day

  • From personal experience I know that a Sexless Relationship regardless the reason is very hard to handle from time to time.

    Mine is due to the mental illness of my partner, her medication and the fact that she is in her menopause.

    I can advise all men that are in a similar position as mine to tell their wife/girlfriend to accept this period in life and not fight it. It can also be a learning experience in which you try out new Sex Positions - positions that are comfortable for her and do not give her pain. Many positions in which your penis penetrates her deeply are painful while you hit her Cervix Mouth. She will experience pain in her lower abdomen.

    It is also important to try to have sex on different hours of the day so not as probably always just before going to sleep. You basically need to trigger her to become more self convinced again and feel sexy. Booking a Hotel room just for the day instead of the night can also break barriers. Best are rooms with a big shower, sauna, steam room or bubble bath.

    Well beside my experience and advise here is an interesting article to read for you:

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  • It was great talking with boldpleasures and sharing my thoughts about CockRings with them. 

    Please head over to boldpleasures to read the article and many more. Just click here to enjoy the amazing article and their great site!!

  • Summer finally shoes his face in Amsterdam. How will you dress today??

  • We are very honored to have some Velv'Or products on the Erotik der Dinge / The Eroticism of Things Exhibition in the Museum der Dinge. 

    Museum der Dinge (Werkbund Archive – Museum of Things) chronicles the product culture of the 20th and 21st centuries, a culture marked by mass production and industrial manufacturing.

    So when you are living in Berlin or visiting Berlin between the 2nd of May and the 27th of August don't forget to drop by!
  • Even though our MANHOOD Penis Refresh is in a list of Weirdest Grooming Products you can buy. It still is great to be finally noticed by Men's Health.

    It is a bit unfortunate that Men's Health picked up this product of ours after we decided to stop selling it.

    For the full Men's Health article please click here

    We are looking forward towards seeing more products of ours on Men's Health

  • When you stick with the standard SPODs - Sex Positions Of the Day, sex will eventually become boring. That is also why we advise all the members of our League Of EnRinged Gentlemen and their partners to be creative and put some color back in their sex lives!

    Enjoying more creative SPODs - Sex Positions Of the Day on an Exercise / Fitness Ball for instance will spice up your sex life for sure. Even-though the drawings show a Gentleman and a Lady these SPODs - Sex Positions Of the Day of course can also be enjoyed by two Ladies or two Gentlemen!!

    While the Cosmopolitan and the Women's Health also posted some nice posts here they are:

    If you like to make it even more spicy you can always use this Skippy Ball instead of the standard version.

  • Thanks XtraCurricular for the image

    One of the most frequent asked question is "Dear Velv'Or / Jelle, which size should I order?"
    It is a question I, Jelle Plantenga the owner of Velv'Or, receive in my email box multiple times a week and I have to say it is a pleasure being able to answer all personally. Most are asked by future members of the League of EnRinged Gentlemen but some also by their partners.

    Until I created a page especially for FAQ I ask you all to remain sending me your emails.

    Here are some drawings that show you how to get EnRinged

  • For people that live in The Netherlands and in specific the ones in Heerenveen or close to Heerenveen pop by Euphoria at the Lindegracht 43 to get one of our Brown JNaja in 50MM.

    Or simply head over to there online store


    Voor alle Nederlanders en in het specifiek die dicht bij Heerenveen wonen loop even langs bij Euphoria, op de Lindegracht 43 8441GK Heerenveen, om een van onze Bruine JNaja in 55MM te kopen.

    Of check hun online winkel 

  • It was great to do an interview with Erika Miley for her Sex! The Podcast. Please click on the above image or on this link https://erikamiley.com/thepodcast/2018/3/25/sex-the-podcast-episode-8-velvor-and-gentlemens-rings-with-jelle-plantenga to check it out!
  • Whatever type of ring you want to wear make sure you know what it is called. You could be putting yourself in peril, if you don’t know. For example, be sure not to ask for a prick ring, if what you want is a cock ring. Let us explain why.

    In 1760, the Swiss physician Samuel-Auguste Tissot wrote about the debilitating consequences of masturbation. He reported his observations on the decline in physical and mental health of men, youths and boys who he thought over indulged in pleasuring themselves and in so doing wasted vital energies.

    By the 19th century the idea had spread, with some sections of western society attributing the decline in societal standards they saw around them to the wasting of such energies. For them, ejaculation should occur only during martial intercourse while the penis is in the vagina. If a man or a youth spilled, shed, or shot his semen in any other situation they believed he was suffering from a disease known as spermatorrhea or seminal weakness.

    Whether the semen was released voluntarily or involuntarily was not the issue. The sufferer had to be cured of the condition to preserve his physical and mental health and halt any further deterioration in society.

    These days, few people would think that orgasmic experiences, whether from shared or solo activities, could lead to such changes in society. At Velv’Or we certainly don’t. Ejaculation is a normal thing and we want to encourage you to enjoy yours. We want you to be fitter, healthier and more sexually active, whether you are with a partner or by yourself.

    However, the 19th century believers thought matters needed to be taken in hand. They were on a mission to save people from themselves and to protect society from further decline. Sermons were preached and pamphlets written. They spread the word about the dangers of the voluntary emissions resulting from over arousal, masturbation and fornication. But they also had to deal with preventing involuntary discharges, such as those that can occur while sleeping?

    Ejaculating while asleep is natural, normal and euphemistically known as having a nocturnal emission, a wet dream or nightfall. It happens to most men, but occurs more commonly in adolescence and early adulthood. Stopping it happening would be difficult!

    A penis typically becomes erect three to five times a night during deep sleep. Why this happens is not known, though it is thought that these periods of nocturnal penile tumescence, or NPTs, contribute to the health of the penis.

    Each time NPT happens there is an opportunity for seminal fluid to be released. The believers realized this and that if there were no NPT then there would be no ejaculation. So devices were designed, manufactured and put on sale that would stop NPT. Some of the entrepreneurs were so happy with their inventions they patented their ideas.

    In general the inventions fell into two categories. The first stopped the sleeper’s genitals being rubbed and becoming aroused. The second type caused pain if the sleeper’s penis started to become erect. The pain would either stop the progress of the erection in its tracks or awaken the sleeper enabling him to voluntarily deal with the situation.

    Prick rings were one type of these pain-inflecting devices. The prick in their name was not a reference to the penis, but to the action of the ring. They were designed with two parts. A pair of flexible arms held the device on the shaft of spermatorrhea sufferer’s penis. A second larger adjustable outer ring had a series spikes on the inside, reminiscent of Piranha’s teeth. When worn correctly the spikes were held away from the skin of the flaccid shaft, but would the prick it if the girth of the shaft started to increase. Pricking the skin would inflict sufficient pain either to cause the erection to deflate or the sleeper to wake.

    Dr E. B. Foote’s Timely Warning device pictured above was made of aluminum and cost two US dollars. Other versions, cheaper in appearance, such as the one below, were available.

    Of course, wearing such a device required a certain mindset: in particular, a desire to be cured though for some people there may have been a desire to experience pain.

    So what does all this have to do with Velv’Or? No a lot, as we said above. Our cock rings, available at our online store, help provide pleasure through the enhancing and sustaining of erections and improving the quality of your ejaculations. We commend them to you. And for those of you into BSDM and male chastity / domination, who would like a bit of discomfort as well as pleasure, contact us - we can consider producing something special …

    Further reading:

  • We love the way Michael Angelo - The Official Gay Guy is reviewing & promoting our JNaja in this Vlog of his.

    When will you ENJOY your next EnRinged Blowjob??

  • Contrary to what many people believe, wearing a CRing is not just about keeping your penis filled full of blood and erect. 

    Whilst there is no getting away from the fact that CRings are sold to firm up and prolong your erection, you can wear them without an erection and gain a different kind of fulfillment.

    With the correct size of Bespoke or 3D printed Velv’Or CRing, you can wear one throughout the day when your penis is hanging, inactive and waiting for its next intimate session with your partner or partners or just with yourself. Even if erectile dysfunction inhibits you from getting an erection you can wear a CRing. And, as most of our CRings have an arm to rub against your perineum, we know that you’ll find wearing one a pleasurable experience. 

    It is no surprise to us that when wearing a Velv’Or CRing, you will feel good. Touch, caress or massage your perineum now. Get a partner to do it for you. You’ll find that even without an erection, having pressure applied to it is enjoyable, stimulating and satisfying. So imagine how you’ll feel having it stroked throughout the day when wearing one of our CRings

    Generally, CRings come in a range of designs: from the plain ordinary to the luxuriously beautiful. Made in a range of sizes or to measure, Velv’Or CRings are more than ordinary. They are extraordinary. Available in different materials; different colours and textures; and thoughtfully crafted: they can be inset with gems or semi precious stones. They are absolutely pieces of functional modern day jewelry. 

    If you think men don't wear jewelry, think again. Men wear rings on their fingers, thumbs and just behind their glans; chains with pendants or ethnic / surfer necklaces around their necks; expensive time pieces and bracelets on their wrists; studs, bars and rings through piercings; tie pins, cuff links and belts with fancy buckles; .... They wear them because it helps them define who they are. The chances are that as a man you wear some kind of jewelry, too.

    Jewelry makes you feel good about yourself, irrespective of what others may think. It helps denote your self-perceived status and to declaim to others just how you feel. Jewelry says of you: “I know who I am”; “I am comfortable in my own skin”. 

    If you want to wear a Velv’Or CRing either all day as a piece of jewelry or just for intimate occasions, we recommend you choose the appropriate size. The fit will need to be sufficient to keep the CRing in place, yet loose enough not to impede the blood flow through your genitals. Any signs that you are loosing sensation in them when wearing a CRing are a clear indication that there is a problem and that help should be sought.

    Normally, jewelry is worn to be visible. Displaying your Velv’Or CRing when wearing it may be something you feel ought to be a bit more of a private thing. There are opportunities for wearing one in public where it can be seen, though that rather depends upon the places you frequent and the rules and regulations in place. All we can say is be prepared for the attention you will receive. If, instead, you wear it under clothing, one of our CRings will give you the appearance of having more than you normally have in your pants. Wearing one will push forward what you do have from its normal position, creating the illusion that you are well above average in that department. So if you are a man who likes that look, our CRings will help.

    We’ve said you can wear our CRings all day, but what about all night as well? Falling asleep while wearing one may not be a problem, but do remember that in periods of deep sleep your penis develops a mind of its own and becomes erect: perhaps as many as four or five times a night. If the CRing is not sitting correctly when that happens there could be some discomfort. With this in mind, why not try it out and see how it goes. You'll probably find your deep sleep EnRiched and your morning erections all the better for wearing a CRing.

    We know the idea of being EnRinged with a Velv’Or CRing will set your thoughts running and your blood pulsing. One will ornament your body, whether or not your penis is aroused and making its self-centered demands on you to be in contact with something. So if you aren’t already a Velv’Or CRing owner, and even if you are, have a look at our online store to find out what we have to offer. You’ll find a CRing there that will fit your requirements and you pocket.

    Remember to always be guided by your body when wearing a CRing.

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  • The Interview

    The Training

    Mantak explaining some PWODs Penis Workouts Of the Day

  • The JBoa is a Lasso Penis Ring that ConStricts the base of the penis. This results in prolonging the Erection.

    Get yours now at

  • Valentine's Day is a day to enjoy while receiving sensual gifts. And for this reason I give you all a 20% discount on all 3D Printed CRings!

    While I grant you this discount together with the 3D Printing company I have to say that I place my printing order with them on the 15th of February. Meaning the printing, dying and tumbling of the CRings will start after the 15th.

    If you like this discount offer please use this discount code VALENTINE2018 during Checkout.

    Please know that this discount code is not active on the offers I offer.

    Looking forward to your orders and have a great Valentine's Day.

    Greetings from The Netherlands


  • Our VV X is an amazing erotic jewel created especially to EnRich her as well as his sexual life! When used properly by her/his partner it will stimulate the GSpot or PSpot and generate euphoria!

    This non-vibrating erotic jewel is preferably handled by the partner. The handle of the VV X is designed like a handle of a 18th century pistol to give him/her that holds the VV X a nice handling over the VV X.

    For more information head over to our store at http://www.velv-or.com/product/vv-x-silver

    Looking seeing your orders soon!!

  • Just a small selection of idea's for your SWOD today.

    Wishing you lots of EnRiched and EnRinged fun!

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