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    I, Jelle the owner of Velv'Or, am proud to be part of this trend #WomenOfTheLifestyle

    Why This Trend Matters
    Society In General, Is Plagued With The Notion That Women Are Not Equal, and Are Too Often Objectified.
    In Our Community, Women Have Always Been Leaders.
    Quote John Stossel produced an investigative news report into the swinging lifestyle. “a woman asserted, "It makes women more confident – that they are the ones in charge." End Quote.  
    Historically the practice of Swinging emerged from the women’s rights movement.
    In 2018 Going Into 2019... We Believe That It’s Time To Revisit That Movement and Remind Everyone Within Our Community That Women Are Equal To Men and Not Just That... The Lifestyle Wouldn’t Exist Without Us! 

    So guy "let the women guide you in the Lifestyle!! And most important let them EnRing you to EnRich your experience!!"

    If you are not yet EnRinged get your Gentlemen's Ring now at www.Velv-Or.com 


  • About the JNaja
    The JNaja is created to give you a different sensation while wearing a Cock Ring. The pressure on your perineum results in stronger erections and very powerful ejaculation.
    While being EnRinged you will enjoy the benefits of a perineum massage. Massaging this sensitive area of your body has great benefits on your sexual health. All the nerves linked to your sexual activity are running through this area. They will be reset and this makes your entire body to relax, which results in prolonging the time to ejaculate.
    Wearing the JNaja can be compared to an internal prostate massage.
    Due to the design of the JNaja it is very comfortable to wear throughout the day, besides intercourse and masturbation sessions.
    The duration of being EnRinged varies per person, it is always important to follow the indication of your body and take the JNaja off when required. The JNaja is 3D printed and colored like stonewashed jeans so it will de-color over time, giving it a personal touch.

    How to Wear
    Hold the JNaja with the perineum part facing towards the body. Put the Balls through the oval shaped part of the JNaja. Then push the Penis through the same part.
    Now firmly pull the whole package out and push the JNaja to the body.

    Velv’Or advises you to listen to your body carefully, as the length of being EnRinged varies per person.

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  • The Penis Workout Of the Day is putting pressure on the base of your Penis. Massage it hard with your fingertips in a downwards motion to push blood into your Penis. It's not necessary to get erect, so try to stay half erect.
    You can also perform some PC-Muscle exercises in between; say 40 reps each set.

    'Enjoy your PWOD'

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    Blood Flow


  • Sex Positions for Incredibly Fit Couples

    The Amazon
    Christine Milrod, sex researcher, therapist, and co-editor of the Cultural Encyclopedia of the Penis, recommends searching sexinfo101.com for new, unusual positions. One that receives high marks from her clients is The Amazon. In this position, the woman squats over her partner, seated on the back of his legs. His legs are rolled up toward her chest and she is crouching with her feet flat. This position can also be done with the woman reversed and/or kneeling. 

    Ex Sex
    This position is a creative take on Missionary. Milrod says it's "good for when you want to pay attention to yourself while enjoying another's body." To perform Ex Sex, the man lies on top of the woman with his head facing her feet. Both have their legs open. Because his body is facing the opposite direction, he should take care when penetrating at this unusual angle.

    Milrod warns that this position should be skipped by people who have joint problems — and that not everyone will find it comfortable. In this position, the woman lays on her side. The man, also on his side, is behind her with both of his legs between her legs. Together, they form an X shape, hence the name.

    Pirate's Bounty
    If the name isn't enticing enough, Milrod also says this position is good "for deep insertion and total clitoral stimulation during intercourse." To perform Pirate's Bounty, the woman lays on her back with one leg on her partner's shoulder and the other wrapped around his thigh. The man is kneeling. A pillow under the woman's back may make this position more comfortable.

    The Worm
    This is another variation of Missionary recommended by Milrod, but it has the woman on top and facing the man's feet. Both partners have their legs spread in an X shape. Start this position with the woman seated on top, then gradually leaning forward.

    Cross Your Heart
    Like the High Squeeze, in this position the woman lies back with her feet on her partner's chest. He kneels and enters from under her legs. The twist on this position is that the woman crosses her legs at the ankles. The tension caused by her crossed legs will make almost any motion pleasurable, so have fun exploring," says Tristan Weedmark, Global Passion Ambassador for We-Vibe. 

    Lap of Luxury
    In this position, partners sit facing each other and the woman puts her legs on her partner's shoulders. It's easier to accomplish this if the man leans back some so she can move her legs up gradually. "Vary the angle of insertion to find the best position for both of you," says Weedmark.

    Caught in a Web
    This one may not exactly qualify as a position, but it would certainly be a physical feat. Caught in a Web involves a person who is carefully tied into a 10-by-10 foot "web." The person in the web is positioned in sexually available ways, and the free partner can work with that however everyone sees fit. Tiger Devore, clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist, says this web was one of the most artistic and sexual positions there is.

    The Wheelbarrow
    To perform the classic Wheelbarrow, the man stands up while the woman is on her hands and knees. The man then lifts her back-half by the ankles, pulling her legs to the side of his body. "This position creates really great, deep penetration, and feels wildly animalistic," says Vanessa Marin, sex therapist. This position is also one of the more acrobatic ones out there, requiring dexterity and upper body strength.

    The Pretzel
    This position starts with both partners ready to crab walk (no, really). This means they have their hands and feet flat on the ground and stomachs facing skyward. The woman then has to raise her pelvis and lower onto her partner's penis. "You have to work together as a team to keep the movement going, and it's a real workout for both partners," says Marin.

    This position is not particularly demanding physically, but it makes the list for being among the more complicated to understand. Partners start joined at just the pelvis with both of their legs open, like the blades of scissors. Linda Banner, a health psychologist and sexual medicine expert in private practice in San Jose, says this can be a particularly good choice for people with certain physical limitations, like pregnancy or back problems.

    Washing Machine
    This position is not too tricky, but may require an adventurous mood. There are two versions: In the first, the woman sits on a washing machine while on spin cycle and the man enters her while standing, this way she is getting stimulation from penetration and the vibration of the machine. In places where a washer and a dryer are side-by-side, the couple can even lay on top. "Men say they like this position. A lot," says Anka Radakovich, sex columnist and author of The Wild Girls Club, Part 2: Tales from New York to Hollywood. For this reason, she cautions couples that sex in the Washing Machine position may not last long.

    The Sunday Afternoon
    Even athletes need to cool down, so think of this last one as a position for your day of recovery. This is another X position where the man lies on his side and the woman on her back. She puts her leg that is closest to him over his hip. She can use her other leg to pull him closer by wrapping her foot around his lower leg. Cay L. Crow, a Texas-based certified sex therapist, says this position allows for easy clitoral stimulation and can be simply transitioned into spooning.

    Please know that this article is created by Taylor Kubota for Men's Journal

  • There is no denying the link between colors and our emotions, and we even have an abundance of idioms to show what way each color can affect your mood. Do you ever feel blue? Or are you green with envy?

    Green health tranquility
    Blue calmness wisdom
    Black authority power
    Red love energy
    Yellow happiness
    Pink romance

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    Most of you know SDC as a dating site, community of individuals driven by a desire to discover, connect and create. But they are more; the people from SDC are your guides to your exploration. No matter the desire, passion, question, concern or curiosity, they’ve got you covered. Their panel of experts ranges from licensed sex therapists to relationship experts to medical professionals to long-time participants offer up a host of articles for you to browse all based on your main areas of interest and desire to learn more.

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  • From time to time we bump in to some nice books on the net. "The Top 100 Intimate Items for Lovers by Sexy Challenges" is one of them!!

    In this continuously updated and upgraded book Rob explains you about some great products of our colleagues. So maybe next time you check out this book it is The Top 200 including some of our products!


  • Wishing you an amazing Christmas and a smashing 2019

  • I, Jelle Plantenga am often asked "which size Cock Ring should I/he wear?"

    While this is a commonly ask question I thought let me share something about this topic here on the World Of Velv'Or.

    I personally believe that men should own multiple sizes because their manhood changes size throughout the day.

  • When Jelle offered me the possibility to talk about the Desire app at Velv’Or website I felt grateful and I thought, that I could start talking about desire itself. What it means and why it’s important for a love relationship, why we want it and why we strive for having it in our relationship.

    Someone that, from my point of view, describes and explains great about desire is Esther Perel, so I am going to copy-paste here a piece of her writing where she talks about love and desire. It’s from one of the best books I have ever read, Mating in Captivity. She differentiates between love and desire and how we ask for both to our lover.

    “Love enjoys knowing everything about you; desire needs mystery. Love likes to shrink the distance that exists between me and you, while desire is energized by it. If intimacy grows through repetition and familiarity, eroticism is numbed by repetition. It thrives on the mysterious, the novel, and the unexpected. Love is about having; desire is about wanting. An expression of longing, desire requires ongoing elusiveness. It is less concerned with where it has already been than passionate about where it can still go. But too often, as couples settle into the comforts of love, they cease to fan the flame of desire. They forget that fire needs air.”

    How do we keep the desire alive in our love relationship? It’s not a question easy to answer. I would say that it takes work and play, it’s something you build. You need to be able to give air to the fire in order for it to grow. There are a lot of things you can do to grow the desire and I believe time and games are a key thing.

    Three years ago we built a game for couples called DESIRE (available for free at Google Play and at the

    AppStore). It is a gamification of the relationship a way for couples to have fun and create great memories together. Desire is a game that offers mystery, that creates unexpected and new situations inside the relationship. We like playing and we love eroticism, so we created a smart game for couples that like to enjoy each other and discover new things together. Up to today, around 1M users have downloaded and play Desire.

    Give it a try!

  • We wanted to inform you about a great exhibition at Mooi Man in Groningen - The Netherlands

    Play with me is created by Diego Tolomelli

    Buy the Playing cards online

    You can find Mooi Man in Groningen at the Noorderstationsstraat 40

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  • We just updated our marketplace shop on Shapeways by mentioning the sizes in Inches as well.

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  • What do you do to keep your Sperm Strong & Healthy?

    I (Jelle the owner of Velv'Or) personally eat Vegan food for 95% of my diet, do my CrossFit style Workouts 6 days of the week combined with 3 days Squash, go to the sauna 4 times of the week, don't smoke, barely drink alcohol, do my PWOD's - Penis Workouts Of the Day on a daily basis and ....

    Original article by Dan Crane for Men's Health https://www.menshealth.com/sperm-health