• EnRing some Gentlemen with a BeauGosse this Valentine

    BeauGosse are a great Valentine's Gift

    The BeauGosse BG's come in 3 versions. These stretchy One size fits all CRings are especially designed by Velv’Or to give experts, beginners and all in between something amazing to wear and make their Manhood more handsome.

    Their inner core is designed to give extra pressure; the functionality of the pressure varies for each model.

    For the BG 001 this means keeping the blood in the penis, while for the BG 002 it means keeping the blood in the whole manhood and for the BG 003 it means pushing the balls away from the body and making the penis stand out.

    The BeauGosse CRings are produced from a high quality TPR so they can be used with all types of lubricants and oils.

    BG 001 – designed as a penis only CRing, the pressure keeps the blood in the penis making it like wood.

    BG 002 – designed to EnRing the whole package, the pressure to keeps the blood in the manhood and making the penis more firm and still give you comfortable wearability not only during sex but also while being EnRinged during the day. 

    BG 003 – the inner core of the ring is designed to push the balls away from the body creating a nice amount of stretch and making the penis stand out. 

    The design gives you comfortable wearability for a longer period of time.

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    1. i'd LOVE to try these on my Hubbs, but he's scared and so am i! lol seriously we could use a little help, f nothing else but to get him hard for the cloneawilly to set up! but he has a LOT of hairand wouldn't it pinch him terribly? i'm sorry i wish i had the guts to buy these. but if you sent me some to try and demo and review on my live broadcasts i'd be able to give an honest review for ya! do these fit even a well endowed man? Hubbs is 8 inches fully but about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inchesdiameter across the thickest part when fully engaged lol. thx for answering me!

    2. Dear Madame Amrita, please don't be worried the BeauGosse's are stretchy enough! He will love them!
      We will @ you about the review.

    3. oh thank you Jelle! that is very encouraging! been really wanting to use cockrings, maybe now we'll be brave and give them a try out session...or three!

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