• MANHOOD Penis Delay

    We created this unique liquid to delay the male ejaculation while we know many men on our globe suffer from a quick or even premature ejaculation. Something that is unpleasant for the male as well as for his partner.

    After a quick firm shake of the champagne colored liquid spray 2 to 5 times on the penis – we advise to spray on the part that shows down when the penis is horizontal and on it’s head – so he will be able to hold it for a longer period of time before ejaculating.

    When used before oral pleasure we advise to let the liquid be absorbed by the skin, dry by air for a few minutes and be washed away with our Penis Cleaner so the partner will not get a numb feeling in the mouth.

    The Penis Delay comes is a very handy 12ml bottle so it can be his companion everywhere he goes and assist him when needed.

    ‘Enjoy the extra time’

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