• Review by Valentijn from Dreams of Passion former Dreams of Love

    Velv'Or is proud about this review!!

    Review by Valentijn from Dreams of Lust

    Quite a few Reviews have been written on 'Dreams of Lust' but only a ...small part is dedicated to Toys specifically designed for the Male Reader.
    This has nothing to do with that we do not want to or are unable to review such Toys, it is more that there are just so few to offer.
    This might change however since there appears to be one person involved in this field who would like to change this. Meet Velv'Or!!!

    A while back we received an e-mail from Velv'Or a Dutch Firm that designs & markets a special Penis Ring.
    We do not often receive e-mails from designers of Sex Toys, least of which a Dutch Firm. This was cause for some skepticism.
    We could not find much info on this Ring, the JCobra. At one hand we were quite pleased that we might therefore become a Leader in this field, but on the other hand we still had some reservations about this product.

    Jelle, the creator who stands behind the design of this JCobra was generous enough to sent us one to sample. Before we received it we read up on its design & had a 'bit' of an idea what to expect. At least that is what we thought. Well, think again!

    The JCobra is one of the few (if not THE only) Penis Ring that is truly made to measure. Not only made & adapted to size but also to preference.
    The model we received was just 'uhm' a Basic Model. It sounds simplistic but that is far from the truth.

    The sample Jelle sent is made of pure silver & the finishing touch, the 'icing on the cake' so to say, is a genuine pearl.
    The JCobra is presented & packaged in such an exclusive fashion that even the packaging of the most expensive Rolex could hold a candle to this presentation.

    Does one not say: 'A picture is worth a thousand words'? Well a thousand words would not even hope to describe the experience the JCobra brings about.
    Valentijn ended up being our 'guinea pig', he & his partner tested the Ring and concluding from his reaction this is the 'Ring of all Rings', the absolute King!

    The JCobra is without a doubt the best Penis Ring available & thus the very best Sex Toy of all for any man.

    The JCobra is designed with a special turn function that makes for an ideal fit & comfort when worn.
    The protruding part at the bottom of the 'O' is specifically designed to stimulate the perineum which in turn produces a harder & longer lasting erection & a more intense orgasm.
    All this, by the way, was related to us by Valentijn the day after he had tried the Ring. "It - the use of the JCobra & the love making had been the best yet, or even better ... ever!"
    It might be our interpretation after his rave review!

    As previously mentioned, the JCobra is specifically designed according to the dimensions & the preferences the client might express.
    The Basic Model carries the price tag of about 1600 Euro, but added features will add to this cost.

    We should also mention that Jelle, the designer & creator of the JCobra, is presently in the process to market a Commercial Version that will be available in all of the better Erotic Shops.
    This Commercial Version will be presented in various models and will be priced around 49 Euro.

    Dutch readers please go to Dreams of Passion

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