• Some Velv'Or history

    I am asked by a lot of people Jelle why did you created the Velv'Or JCobra and what is so special about it!

    Well I created the Velv'Or JCobra after I was looking for a Stylish Cockring which I found at Mi-Su; a great company/ and the real pioneer of Luxury SexToys from the UK which unfortunately doesn't exist anymore.
    But while I did not really liked the feeling of a standard O Cockring I was wondering how a bended more ergonomically version would feel and function. So I called a silversmith friend of mine and we had a go in his workshop. The result was a great bended Cockring which was way more comfortable to wear because of it's ergonomically shape. So I was a happy men.
    After showing this Cockring the former owner of Mi-Su Paul Ruscoe he asked me if he was allowed to show this Cockring to a silversmith friend of his in the UK and had it rodinated to protect it from coloring. I was very pleased by this offer off course and asked if there was an option to put 3 silver balls in the inside of the Cockring keep it from rotating and putting some pressure on the perineum.
    The silversmith did so and the result was great but he thought the Cockring could be made way more comfortable and effective so he asked me if he was allowed to remodel the first prototype. The result I called the JCobra and is, as I can tell you from personal experience as well as from the experiences from quite some owners, the best functioning Cockring out there which makes you feel like a royalty.

    This result off course comes from the bended/ergonomically form in combination with the Velv'Or JCobra head/perineum massaging part of the Velv'Or JCobra. As a lot of us know if you put pressure on your perineum your dick gets harder and your ejaculation more intense and stronger. And to accomplish this to the max the best way to wear the JCobra is to firmly push it to your body and pull your package firmly outside so the perineum part will press too on your perineum and generates more blood flow towards the Penis.

    Now you know why I decided to have a bended/ergonomically Cockring made but why I chosen Silver as the standard material is because it matches all my other jewelry and just looks amazing on your genitals!
    If you are interested in ordering a Velv'Or JCobra or like a quote for a Bespoke version please pop an e-mail to Velv'Or

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