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    We are very proud about the JCobra being featured in the list of World's most expensive sex toys

    Andrea Divirgilio / May 23, 2012
    You cannot deny it. It is where it all began. Debates were raged, documents prepared, yet human civilization has time and again continued to shy away from the word-sex. The good news is, as the world enters a new era of development-technically, socially or otherwise-the taboos associated with sex are lessening. The visible improvements in the social acceptance of sex can be partly attributed to our celebrity clan. Matching steps with these “wear your heart on your sleeve” celebrities, there is a whole new breed of innovative minds. Thanks to their brilliant ideas, sex or simply put sex toys are making way out of the closet straight into people’s showcases. So while Eva Longoria goes on record saying “I give Rabbit vibrators to all my girlfriends”, a few experiment crazy souls are putting their heads together to create exquisite sex toys that scream of grandeur, art and yes, money. So, from Victoria’s Secret million dollar bras to the overall multi-million dollar lingerie industry built on a backbone of underwires and laceAnd to give you a rare sneak peek into this interesting world, we have prepared a list of the most expensive sex toys. On top of the list is a million dollar sex toy meant for the one percent of the world who live by “splash your cash” motto in life.

    Ergonomical cock ring
    Created by an expert Silversmith from U.K, the cockring represents a smart blend of superior craftsmanship and ergonomic know how. Named JCobra, the Jelle Plantenga creation is designed to serve as a wedding, birthday, or engagement gift, all at one go. So, if you want to spice things up on the D-day with an exquisite cock ring, then dash for this innovative piece.

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