• Sharing with you an amazing review about the JNaja

    Some stores already asked for a review to be able to explain the EnRinged feeling to their clientele so I really hope this one helps you all out. And gives you the ability to EnRing more Men!!

    This happily EnRinged Gentleman loves his JNaja so much that he decided to share his experience with me and all of you.

    Dear Jelle

    I am 53 years young. I enjoy sexual pleasure probably more than the average male now that I am in my 50's and I am an avid solo-sexual user & collector of Cock Rings. I purchased your 55mm JNaja Ready to Wear edition through an online store.

    I had seen this version on line and it's design interested & intrigued me. Also the mention about what it can do & how it feels. I was glad that your product was available through my favorite online store. It makes shopping so much easier & the shipping is also a good deal. I was excited when I got home from work to see my order for the JNaja had arrived in my mail box and I could not wait to try it on. So got naked and ready for the challenge. I opened the package and it was easy to figure out how to put the JNaja on. There were no directions but really did not need them. The finger part is a pretty good indicator of the direction to how that goes.... I began to walk around and I was amazed how instantly I started to feel aroused from the pressure the JNaja was putting on my perineum. It feels really really nice. I have owned & have been using the JNaja now for a little over 5 weeks & it feels GRRREAT! It does AMAZING things to my male sex organ & I have been using it a lot.

    During the first few times after prolonged wear it left me a little tender around the upper base of my penis shaft and the underside from the finger massaging of my perineum. I was thinking that maybe it was because the JNaja size ordered is smaller than the Cock Ring I usually get which is 2.1/8 “ , but after using JNaja more & more & getting to know the JNaja, it's starting to feel like a part of me.

    It fits my own anatomy as if you designed it specifically for me. I can wear it under my garments if I like during the day or evening and it feels comfortable, and when I like to get into the mood, it starts working for me.

    I love how it looks on my body. When I'm aroused it looks even better, MANLY...I love how the JNaja moves in closer into my body when things are firming and I do mean FIRM because it makes me very HARD. I can really see the engineering you put into the design.

    It makes my penis appear longer. I also love how the JNaja smooth flared side feels like an open vagina & caresses my scrotum gently like a firm peach. LOVE-IT.

    It most definitely is the best fitting Cock Ring I have ever owned, it sure FITS my male anatomy like you designed it. This is an amazing cock ring you designed for men like me.. Thank you…. I’m definitely going to buy another JNaja to have as a spare on hand and save money to buy a JCobra.

    Thanks so much again and also thanks for giving me an opportunity to express to you how great your product has made me feel.

    Anonymous EnRinged Gentlemen

    I hope you enjoyed reading this review and will BeRinged soon.

    Get your JNaja

    The JNaja is the Ready to Wear edition of the JCobra. An ergonomically shaped CockRing which follows the natural curves of the male body. It can be worn during the whole day thus giving the wearer the pleasure of being 'EnRinged' while his Perineum is constantly being massaged. This will increase your sexual drive and appetite, making you feel more ‘manly’ and confident.

    The JNaja gives a constant firm pressure on the perineum, resulting in harder, longer erections and stronger orgasms. Wearing it will therefore benefit your sex life.

    The JNaja is produced from Nylon Fiber in the Netherlands, using a revolutionary new production process. The JNaja is dyed black and will de-color as time goes by like stonewashed jeans, making it unique to its owner after hours of wearing pleasure.

    The JNaja is available in 3 sizes 45MM, 50MM and 55MM.and 3 colors Black, Red and White.

    How to Wear
    Hold the JNaja with the perineum part facing towards the body. Put the Balls through the oval shaped part of the JNaja. Then push the Penis through the same part.
    Now firmly pull the whole package out and push the JNaja to the body.

    Velv’Or advises you to listen to your body carefully, as the length of being EnRinged varies per person.

    “Enjoy being EnRinged”

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