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    Healthier - Stronger - Firmer Penis
    Mighty Ejaculations

    Our JNaja is the first Ergonomically designed Cock Ring of the world one that can be worn 24/7 to increase Sexual Health. During the day it massages the perineum which causes your entirebody to relax, and feel better. During Sex the pressure on the perineum results in a firmer and more powerful erection and the ejaculation is mighty and heavenly.

    Beside the JNaja the Ready to Wear collection holds the BeauGosse's and the JBoa. Products that make the Penis look more beautiful.

    Off course we also supply our fans with some products to boost their MANHOOD. The Penis Delay is the current best seller.

    I hope you liked receiving this newsletter and became interested in the products, this off course only if you were not yet familiar with them. If you were I am very interested to know your thoughts about them. Please check out the product pdf's by clicking on this link or simply on one of the above flyers.

    Enjoy the rest of your day.

    Jelle Plantenga

    If you receive this e-mail more then one time, please let me know so I can delete the duplications!

    Velv'Or is available at a select number of distributors and many retailers already picked up the brand!

    Message for the retailers: if we did not mention your store on the retailers list please pop us an @ at orders@velv-or.com with your link.

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