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    Article written by Luna. June 10th 2014

    Person testing the product: J.T. has been talking about this JNaja Cockring now for weeks on end. According to him owning one is a absolute MUST HAVE for every man!
    Attached his Review.


    Name: JNaja

    Manufacturer: Velv'Or

    Price: 49,95 Euro

    Dimensions: 1.8", 2" and 2.2" (45mm, 50mm and 55mm)

    Batteries/rechargeable: not applicable

    Promo write up: An ergonomically designed Cockring that adapts to the natural contour & shape of the male body.
    This ring can be worn throughout the day & gives the wearer the pleasurable feeling of being 'EnRinged' while the wearer's Perineum is being continuously massaged.
    It truly is the way, but even put into stronger words ... it is a Ring one just WANTS to wear throughout the day

    Score: 9


    Attached J.T's. 'rave' & very enthused Testimonial:

    'A Review about a Cockring? Not again?! Is that really necessary', asked Luna when I told her that I wanted to do a write up about yet one more Cockring.
    'Yes', I insisted, 'as this one is SO comfortable, I want to, no I HAVE to share this with your Readers'.

    After a bit of arguing & bantering back & forth Luna went along with my request & attached is my review of the Velv'Or JNaja Cockring.

    For the explanation about the usefulness, sense & nonsense about Cockrings in general, I am referring to the article that Luna & I previously wrote up on the site: HERE


    'Over the last 20 years I have spent a fair amount on purchases of various Cockrings, made out of leather, metal, plastic, rubber, silicone etc. etc.

    I wore & wear one often during my 'shagging' with Mrs J.T.  but never before did I wear one throughout a whole day, at least not till I was introduced to the JNaja.
    By the way Luna had, a while back, directed me to the Velv'Or site.

    It should be mentioned that the person responsible for the design & manufacturing of this product is in fact a Dutch designer.
    He not only designed THE most expensive & precious Cockring money can buy (the King JCobra Platinum for a 'mere' 160.000,- Euro) he now also has a way more affordable, ready to wear made model for the 'ordinary' man on the market.

    Anyway, after just looking at the picture I just had to own one of these models & with a quick 'Click" on the (Buy Now), the purchase was easily made.

    The CRing with the Perineum Massager, arrived in a very nice & stylish white box.
    The CRing is made out of a special black nylon fibre material that, due to the particular material used, will fade over time.
    Also take NOTE: this is also the VERY 1st Cockring in the world that can be produced on a 3D printer! Pretty darned NEAT, if I may say so.

    Initially fitting the CRing is a bit more complicated than the average one, this due to the CRing's special Anatomically design. It is not evenly rounded. This definitely is not a big problem, but it is something to keep in mind.

    As soon as the CRing is properly fitted it immediately snugly 'fits like a glove', so to say.
    It seamlessly adapts to your body & the penis & testicles just 'fall into place'.
    In my opinion the testicles are actually slightly pushed forward, that really do give it an aesthetically pleasing look.

    The stiff design of the CRing takes care that the Perineum Tip (the part that juts out, this to assist people without imagination) fits tightly & comfortable to your Perineum for the specifically designed massaging & stimulation purpose.
    This enhances & also makes for pleasing feeling when viewing an erotic video.

    A problem with many other CRings with a Perineum Massager is that they are most uncomfortable when sitting on less padded chairs or while riding a bike. On the other hand when wearing the JNaja you do not even have any sense of discomfort what so ever. The perfect fit & this continuous massaging of the Perineum make this Ring so comfortable that you want to wear it all the time.
    I LOVE to be 'EnRinged' so to say & that is the very first time I have ever said so about a Cockring.

    Also while enjoying & 'shagging' with Mrs J.T. it just feels so wonderful & I have not heard any complains from the Mrs' when the nylon touches or puts pressure on her very sensitive & delicate spots.

    For now there is just one very small point/strike against this CRing, namely this material is not as smooth as glass or metal.
    Combined with the form & the part where the CRing slightly bends inward it is possible that it slightly chafes or irritates, but that is not very likely.
    Also, but this might be most psychologically, you could be sensing the uneven part of the inside of the Perineum Massager, the part where the Logo of the product has been engraved.
    For a trustworthy source I know from a fact that this facet is being worked on.

    But for me, till this very slight imperfection is rectified, I give this JNaja CRing a whole hearted & resounding 9 out of 10!!!
    By the way, when you would like to remove the CRing for cleaning ... all you have to do is rinse it with tap water!

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