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    The Netherlands based company Velv’Or, founded in 2006, has specialised in high quality products for men. Their assortment includes various stylish, appealing and well conceived and developed penis rings and other sexual health products. Founder Jelle Platenga got the idea for founding his own company and creating his own products, when he was searching for a high quality and comfortable penis ring.

    Some business ideas because it is not possible to find a certain product on the market, or one that meets the standards desired, so the decision is made to try and produce something better.
    This is more or less how it was with the Velv’Or brand. Founder Jelle Plantenga was looking for a valuable metal cockring back in 2006, which he would be able to wear 24 hours and day and seven days a week. Because he was unable to fi nd a ring that would fulfi l all his needs to his fullest satisfaction, he got together with an award winning silversmith from Great Britain, and with his help managed to create the JCobra. After many inquiries from customers, traders and suppliers, he was able to release a commercial and affordable version of the silver JCobra to the market.
    The Jnaja was released in November 2011, and was a revolutionary product because it was the very fi rst sex toy for commercial sale that was manufactured using a 3D printer. After the JNaja came the JBoa in July of 2012, and in October 2013 they released the BeauGosse and Manhood.

    All of the products that are currently available from Velv’Or have been made for men, but in the future, Plantenga can also imagine making product suited to women. Until then they will concentrate on the meaning of the brand name, which is a combination of the words Velvet & Vigor – which could be seen as meaning soft and hard, and refl ect the various conditions of the penis, but can also be seen as a description of a man. The BeauGosse BG 001 is a dilatable ”One-size-fits-all“ cockring that can be used by beginners and the more advanced, but basically those who are after a great wearing experience.
    The ring should be worn on the base of the penis to keep the blood in it. Jelle Plantenga said: ”We designed the inner core to put more pressure on the penis compared to similar penis rings that are available on the market. While we know many of our customers use our products with all types of lubricants and oils, we produced the BeauGosse’s out of high quality TPR.”

    As already mentioned the JNaja is the more common version of the JCobra; an ergonomically shaped cockring that follows the natural curves of the male body. Thanks to the great comfort when wearing it, the ring can be worn all day, constantly massaging the Perineum, which also increases ones appetite for sex. The constant pressure on the Perineum also causes harder and longer erections with more powerful orgasms. The JNaja is made of Nylon fi bre in the Netherlands, with the help of a revolutionary production process. It is available in three sizes and in various colours.
    In order to prevent the widespread phenomenon of premature ejaculation, the company created the Manhood Penis Delay. The liquid is sprayed onto the penis, mostly on the tip, and apparently enables the man to go for longer before he comes. Penis Delay is comes in little 12ml bottles that can be taken anywhere, so it will be there when you need it.

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