• Ever experienced a problem during Masturbation??

    Do You Have This Masturbation Problem?

    Ever go soft when you go solo? Losing your erection during masturbation could be a sign of heart trouble down the road, suggests new research in the International Society for Sexual Medicine.

    In a study on over 2,500 men, 45 percent of guys reported that they struggled to stay hard while cleaning the pipes. And after assessing the men's medical info, the researchers found that those who went limp were more likely to have an increased cardiovascular risk, a reduction in sex drive, and fewer sleep-related erections.

    Should you be worried? Usually when guys have trouble staying erect during alone time, they're more likely to think it's psychological—"Eh, I'm just not in the mood"—and brush it off. But erectile dysfunction is often considered an early warning sign of heart disease. And that's regardless if it happens during sex or masturbation, says study author Giulia Rastrelli, M.D., of the University of Florence.

    When you conduct your own, hands-on research, pay extra attention to the quality of your erection. If something seems off, don't hesitate to bring it up to your doc, Rastrelli says. And meanwhile, hit the gym. Men who regularly exercise cut their risk for ED in half, according to researchers from Emory University. 

    Article from Men's Health 

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