• 50 Shades of Grey Sex Positions

    Cosmopolitan is giving us some great 50 Shades of Grey Sex Position Illustrations by Jenny Yuen.

    How to Do All The Sex Positions From Fifty Shades of Grey

    The Deflower
    She has to put her knees in the air air like Anastasia did when she lost her virginity. Trust into her very slowly about four times. Then, shift onto your elbows and rests your weight on her and continues to thrust quickly.

    The Anastasia Demand
    From behind, thrust deeply into her at an extremely slow pace. After several thrusts, pull back and wait until she demands you to continue. Thrusting should then recommence.

    The Grey Tease
    Tie her wrists together and lay her her back with her hands above her head. Kiss her from head to toe, then go to her clitoris and perform slow, teasing cunnilingus. After that, you should thrust into her hard and fast.

    The Frisky Flip
    After foreplay, have her go on her knees bended forward with her breast on the floor, so her butt is in the air. Spank her, then thrust deeply into her.

    The Mr. Grey Nipple Rub
    For this foreplay move, she should be braless with her arms around your neck. Let her play with your hair while you do the same to her nipples and kiss her neck.

    The Erotic Crop
    Tie her up, blindfold her, and drag a riding crop from her stomach to her clitoris, stimulating her there until she comes.

    The Bed Post Bend
    Tie her to the bedposts while lying on her stomach, lift her butt up and enter her from behind. Let her grip the bedpost tightly so she can push back against you.

    The Grey Quick Thrust
    In a rush? Hold her hands above her head and pin her arms down with your elbows. Your legs should pin hers down too as you enter her. Proceed to thrust quickly together.

    The Ben Wa Experience
    Bend her over and let her grab her ankles, then insert Ben Wa balls into her vagina. Let her walk around (or get water, like Anastasia did) with the balls inside of her. Let her lie across your lap with her butt facing up. You should rub her butt, moving from her cheeks down to her clitoris. The balls inside her, along with your touch, will create an intense sensation.

    The Desk Domination
    Like Anastasia, let her take control of you and let her tell you she wants you to have her on the desk. Lie her on her back, and let you enter her, thrusting quickly.

    The Two Touch
    Let her be naked in front of you and guide her hands down the sides of her body as you slides your leg between hers. You should rub your hands over her clitoris one finger at a time. Then, let her take over and let her start to rub herself in front of you. Take back over again from behind, as you kiss her neck and enter her.

    The Wet Ride
    While in the bathtub, let her straddle you. She should ride you, watch her go up and down. Then take over and lift her, thrusting faster.

    The Tongue on Top
    Let her lie down so you can perform oral on her. When she feel close to climaxing, stop. When penetration begins, let her wrap her legs around you as you thrusts steadily.

    Fifty Shades of Flogging
    Tie her up and blindfold her. Put a headphones on her head. Cuff her arms and legs to the bed. Start playing music as you lightly slaps her breasts with the flogger. Then kiss down her body, and start performing oral sex. When she’s about to climax, remove her ankle restraints and lift her up so her back is arched and only her shoulders are on the bed. Thrust into her very slowly, gradually increasing your pace.


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