• Why wear a BG 003 the Ball Stretcher from Velv'Or

    Words from Jelle Plantenga the owner of Velv'Or

    I am often asked the following by Men or Women: "Jelle why should I/he wear a BG 003 as a Ball Stretcher"

    To men I answer: well there are multiple reasons;
    1. your cock will look bigger
    2. your cock will stand out more
    3. you will feel a constant pull on your balls, it's like your partner is giving them a nice pull all the time
    4. when you present your manhood to your partner she or he will get a nicer package
    5. just try it and let me know if I am correct

    To women I answer: visualize this
    1. a cock that presents itself and stands out more
    2. a cock that can hold it longer because the constant pull on his balls
    3. a cock with balls that are EnRinged and ready for you to play with

    Beside this I ask them; when you give him a blowjob do you play with his balls?? And does he enjoy it?? And how is his reaction when you give his balls a firm pull??
    To all these answers they respond "ah I should had known why he should be wearing it"

    Up to now I only received amazing feedback from men and women after I explained the WHY of the BG 003 and they are still smiling each time I speak to them. The sparkle in their eyes tells me they LOVE IT and can not life without anymore!!

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    Please know this is only a small selection of all the SToy Stores selling the BeauGosse's so do not hesitate mentioning us by email yours is also selling them!! 

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