• Customized Red JNaja's

    From time to time we receive requests from our fans to make something amazing for them. One of them came from the Middle East and the result is a JNaja that gently hits the anus. But while the EnRinged Gentleman loves his JNaja so much he has multiple in different colors and will have a precious metal JCobra made of it.

    If you are also interested in a customized JNaja or a JCobra please contact us.

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    1. Sometimes I wish the perineum arm on my 50 mm JNaja was a bit longer. I have wondered how to best measure up in order to determine the appropriate length for the arm on a customised JNaja.

    2. Dear EnRinged could you please send me an email so we can brain about your request! info@velv-or.com
      Jelle (Owner of Velv'Or)

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