• Swing a Kettlebell daily to boost your TESTOSTERONE

    Here’s something to add to your list of ‘acceptable things to borrow from her’. No, not curlers, Bateman – it’s her hormone profile. Far from turning you into a woman, oestrogen plays a key role in combating middle age spread and, er, droop. Some of the symptoms routinely attributed to testosterone deficiency are actually caused by the decline in oestrogen. Indeed, ‘O’ is vital for everything from fat loss and sex drive to heart and bone health. Just don’t try to increase levels yourself; that’s a fast track to moobs. Instead, you should prioritise testosterone – 80% of your oestrogen is converted from T. One of the best ways to achieve this is with kettlebell swings: the University of North Texas found just 10 sets (30 seconds on, 30 off), triggers a big hormone boost. It’ll keep testosterone, oestrogen – and other things – up.

    Originally from Men's Health

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