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    We recently read this below article posted by Men's Health and wanted to give our feedback on it. Hope you learn something from it!

    The most important thing Men's Health forgotten to mention is training. Especially endurance training we call it when you are together with a partner a SWOD Sex Workout Of the Day and when you do it just for your manhood a PWOD Penis Workout Of the Day.

    Here are some examples

    SWOD 1

    SWOD 2

    PWOD 1

    PWOD 2


    How to Have Sex for an Hour!

    If you’re not lasting as long as you’d like to in the sack, try these proven ways to thwart an early orgasm

    You’ve tried crunching baseball stats. You've mentally replayed your last round of golf. You've outlined the steps to making your favorite sandwich. But the more you try to slow yourself down during sex, the faster you finish—and you’re not alone.

    “Premature ejaculation is a problem that affects almost every man at some point in his life,” says Thomas J. Walsh, M.D., a urologist at the University of Washington. 

    Dr. Walsh says there are primarily two methods of dealing with your speed issues: physical and psychological treatments. While physical remedies target the sensations you feel during sex, psychological solutions address your worry, stress, or other mental factors that may explain your quick trigger, Dr. Walsh explains.
    We fully agree; when you are stressed or have to many things on your mind sex is relaxing but you probably come very quickly the first time. So make sure you schedule time for more then one Position. Just do multiple SPOD Sex Positions Of the Day to really benefit from the stress releasing effect Sex has on your life!!

    Here, he and other experts break down a few of the most helpful techniques for dealing with premature ejaculation (PE). But be warned: Dr. Walsh recommends trying these out on your own before attempting them during sex. 

    1. Biofeedback
    In general terms, this refers to the idea that you can regulate your own neurophysiology—or the way your body responds to physical sensations, Dr. Walsh explains. While there are a lot of different types of biofeedback, he says one of the most common for treating PE is to bring yourself right to the edge of orgasm before stopping all sexual or masturbatory activity until you have your excitement under control. Also known as “edging,” practicing this technique can help you teach your brain and body to better control your orgasm response, adds sex therapist Emily Morse, Ph.D. Just be sure to use a lot of lotion or lube while you practice edging to avoid chaffing yourself, she advises.
    It's a exercise that you can train during your PWOD. Get to the point just before orgasm, stop touching your Penis and only do PC muscle exercises for a while before gently touching your Penis again and continuing your PWOD. This way you relax your brain and Penis although try to keep it erect all the time.

    2. The Squeeze
    If you can feel your orgasm coming on, stop and squeeze right below the head of your penis. Apply firm pressure with your thumb and forefinger and focus the pressure on the urethra—the tube running along the underside of the penis, advises Ian Kerner, Ph.D., a sex therapist and author of She Comes First. The squeeze technique pushes blood out of the penis and momentarily decreases sexual tension, which represses the ejaculatory response, Kerner says. “This is another type of biofeedback, similar to edging.” Dr. Walsh adds.
    Although many men benefit from this technique we found out that squeezing on an other part of your Penis is way more effective. Squeeze at the bottom of your Penis, close to your belly, two thumbs on the upper part of your Penis and your index & middle fingers on the part facing to the ground. Squeeze and gently push your fingers slightly forward, you will feel the blood going to the head of your Penis.

    3. Ladies First
    When you help her finish first—whether with your mouth, your fingers, or a toy—knowing she’s enjoyed an orgasm may relieve some of the pressure you’re feeling, Kerner says.
    We love putting her on a footstep.

    4. De-Sensitizers
    Like the stuff dentists slather on your gums before jamming in the needle, there are topical sprays called “local anesthetics” that you can apply to your penis to lessen the sensation and keep control, Dr. Walsh says. “When used properly, you can adjust the amount of desensitization with these sprays, and it won’t transfer to your partner,” he adds. He says some of his patients have had luck with a product called Promescent. (Dr. Walsh is in no way affiliated with the company that makes this product.) But be warned: The lack of sensation could make it difficult for you to stay erect, he says.
    That's why our MANHOOD Penis Delay is a best seller! Just make sure you spray it on the part of your Penis that is facing down. This is the most sensitive part of the Penis, way more sensitive then its head!

    5. Condom Control
    Most major condom manufacturers make extra-thick rubbers that act like a slip-on desensitizer for your member, Morse says. Look for marketing lingo like “extended pleasure” (from Trojan) or “performax” (Durex), which are fancy terms for this thicker style of condom.
    Agree just a extra layer of rubber does the trick also.

    6. Pills
    Plenty of men pop a pill to become erect. And in Europe, there are also legal drugs that can help you last longer in bed, Dr. Walsh says. The problem: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hasn’t approved those drugs to treat PE in the U.S. Why? “Even though trials show these drugs genuinely benefitted men with premature ejaculation, the FDA sets a very high bar for drugs used to treat non-life threatening conditions,” Dr. Walsh explains. While you could take these drugs for “off-label” uses like the treatment of PE, most of these meds are antidepressants that could lead to mood changes or other side effects—meaning they shouldn’t be used unless your performance problem is seriously affecting your life, Dr. Walsh says. He advises talking to your doctor to discuss this option.
    We say "what a shame the drugs to treat PE aren't approved yet". Many men suffer from it and it would be amazing if they can finally buy something that really does the trick.
    Best would be a drug that is approved all over the globe. 

    7. Ask an Expert

    If you feel like you’ve tried everything without success, it may be time to discuss your problem with a sexual dysfunction specialist, Dr. Walsh says. “A lot of the treatments we’ve already discussed—edging and biofeedback—are pretty challenging techniques that a specialist can help you use effectively.” He recommends asking your doctor for a referral to a urologist, who can either treat you himself or refer you to the right person for your problem. “He or she will help you approach this practically and pragmatically,” Dr. Walsh says, adding, “It’s not about getting in touch with your inner self. It’s about learning the physical or mental mechanisms that can help you avoid PE.”
    When you never tried PWOD's before we advise to first do these for some months on a daily basis and when they do not work you can always ask your doctor.

    Written by BY MARKHAM HEID, JUNE 11, 2014 for Men’s Health

    Something Men's Health also forgotten to mention is be EnRinged. A Cock Ring especially our Ergonomically designed models are designed to train your body to hold it longer!

    Here are some PWOD
    Putting Pressure

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