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    Add these foods to your weekly diet to fuel your masculinity

    The source of all manly powers, “testosterone is about vitality and virility,” says Dr Malcolm Carruthers of Harley Street’s Centre for Men’s Health. “Men as young as 30 years old are now showing signs of low testosterone: reduced libido, brain fog and fewer erections on waking,” he says. Since testosterone is produced in the testes, exercise, relaxation, and letting it all hang loose can help improve the situation… Another route to morning glory is getting stuck into these testosterone-boosting foods.

    Grapes for more active sperm
    Eat a bunch of red grapes daily to give your own low-hanging fruit a boost: the skins contain resveratrol, which makes for hardier sperm. Chinese researchers found the equivalent of 500mg – roughly the amount in 5-10g of grape skins – was enough to raise testosterone levels and improve epididymal motility (your sperm’s ability to swim).

    Tuna for a higher sex drive
    Tuna’s ‘fragrance’ may not be ideal for a first date, but its vitamin D content is. The vitamin bolsters testosterone by up to 90%, found a study at Graz Medical University, Austria, slashing levels of libido-killing chemical Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin (SHBG). A can of tuna contains 100% of your RDA.

    Avocados to clear your pipes
    LDL cholesterol doesn’t just clog arteries – it leads to erectile dysfunction and a lack of flow in the downstairs department, too. Penn State University researchers found men with high intakes of monounsaturated fat – try avocado, nuts and vegetable oils – had lower LDL cholesterol and more testosterone. Try half a mashed avocado spread on a bagel, topped with shreds of smoked salmon.

    Pomegranate to fight impotence
    Some say it was the Biblical forbidden fruit, and old Adam could have done a lot worse. The International Journal of Impotence Research reports that 47% of impotent men found their condition improved after a daily glass of antioxidant-rich pomegranate juice. You don’t need a serpent to tell you that’s a good thing.

    Venison for muscle growth
    Veggies look away: “A meat-free diet can lowertestosterone by 14%,” says Carruthers. “Lackof protein boosts testosterone-de-activatinghormones.” On the other hand, a University ofUtah study found a diet overly rich in the sat fatsin beef and lamb can also make testosteronedip. The middle ground is venison. Stag-gering.

    Garlic for muscle maintenance
    Banish vampires and weak muscles alike:garlic contains allicin, a compound that lowerslevels of ‘stress hormone’ cortisol. “Cortisolcompetes with testosterone for the same siteswithin muscle cells,” says nutrition consultant Alan Gordon.Ditch the cortisol, then the testosterone canget to work. Garlic’s more potent uncooked.

    Honey for better blood flow
    For extra buzz in the bedroom, dip into honey.It contains the mineral boron, linked to hightestosterone. Honey is also rich in nitric oxide,says Gordon: “This is key in opening up bloodvessels that create erections. Four teaspoonsof honey can boost nitric oxide levels by 50%.”

    Milk for a lean physique
    Proof we are supposed to have hard bodies,University of Pittsburgh researchers foundthat fat blokes have more oestrogen. Cut theblubber by boosting your testosterone levelswith milk: its amino acids boost productionof anabolic hormones, which in turn buildmuscle and trim fat. The Department of Healthrecommends three 200ml glasses a day.

    Eggs for a hormone boost
    Eggs really do have a sunny side. “The yolk’scholesterol is the precursor for testosterone,”says clinical nutritionist Kim Pearson. Don’t worry about your heart:a University of Connecticut study found thatstudy subjects could eat three eggs a daywithout affecting cholesterol levels.

    Cabbage to flush out female hormones
    King of the veg patch, cabbage is full of achemical called indole-3-carbinol, which ridsyour blood of girly hormones. Healthy mentook 500mg daily for a week at RockefellerUniversity; their oestrogen levels halved,making testosterone more effective. It’s time tobecome more of a man at meal times.

    Originally from Men’s Health

    Do You Have Low Penis Self-Esteem?
    Here are some reasons to feel better about your penis, and finally get some dickceptance

    If there's one thing I've learned about guys during my years as a sex writer, it’s that they’re desperate to feel okay about their junk—and with nicknames like that, it’s no wonder. This is true regardless of what a guy is packing, from micro-members to skyscraper schlongs.

    In fact, I once interviewed Jonah Falcon, the man with the world’s biggest penis, and found him living a secluded “asexual” lifestyle that he called “depressing.” You see? The grass is always greener... on the other side of the locker room.

    Even men who aren't worried about their size are often deeply concerned that their dicks are ugly or weird, smelly or bad-tasting. Guys with foreskin sometimes feel like freaks; guys without it wonder if sex would be better with it.

    Then there are the aesthetic anxieties about scars, curving, coloring, freckles, warts, moles and pubic hair. Testicles come with their own Magnum-sized worries about sagging and unevenness.

    This is all before sex even begins. Then you get your performance-related insecurities: “Is my dick hard enough?” “Did I last long enough” “Does my cum taste like crap?”
    I don’t just see this in my reporting. Take the unsolicited dick pic phenomenon. Some of these virtual flashers simply get off on violating women’s consent—but I can’t help but think that others are engaging in a desperate and self-sabotaging plea for acceptance: “I'm just a dick pic, standing in front of a girl, asking her to love him.” (Oh right, you’re probably a dude and might not get that reference: Go watch Notting Hill and it will all—and I mean all of life—make sense.)

    I have one thing to say about this rampant dick anxiety: Y’all are tripping so damn hard.

    I don’t mean that to sound harsh. We’re all, men and women, made to feel bad about our genitals. That’s just how our sexually-repressed society rolls. We use the same word for the penis as we do an inconsiderate jerk, and “pussy” does double-duty describing either the vagina or a pathetic wimp of a human.

    At the same time, we schizophrenically build up the almighty phallus as the defining symbol of manhood. We even call it one’s manhood. So it’s no surprise that men would have all this penis pathos.

    But as a so-called sexpert, and a red-blooded heterosexual woman, I can tell you there is every reason to love your dick—and you’ll find some of the most important examples below. Consider it your idiot’s guide to “dickceptance.”

    Vaginas are only so big
    In that utterly American way, we tend to apply bigger-is-better thinking to a man’s erection—but the average vagina is only three to four inches deep. And the all-important G-spot is generally only two to three inches inside.

    You have no idea what an average dick looks like!
    If you insist on disregarding what I have to say about the relative unimportance of size, consider that you probably don’t have an accurate picture of what an average dick looks like anyway.

    Just think about it: If you’re straight, you typically only see other guys’ junk in porn and the locker room, right? Surely you already realize that X-rated stars do not have average-sized man parts. But here’s something you may not know about those seemingly gifted dudes who insist on letting their members air-dry at the gym: They might not be what they appear.

    According to the Kinsey Institute, “In general, smaller flaccid penises lengthen at erection by a greater percentage than do larger flaccid penises, with most men reaching an average size of 5 to 7 inches, so the flaccid size of a penis is not a good predictor of erect size.”

    Dicks smell great
    Popular wisdom seems to be that penises are stinky. Sure, if you play a bunch of basketball and don’t shower for a week, it’s gonna have a nasty funk. But if you exercise basic hygiene, it’s not a problem. If anything, it might have the slight woodsy scent of a manly cologne. We women like manly cologne.

    And taste good too
    Again, if you shower like a civilized human, there just isn’t any bad taste to speak of. Unless you plan on having a couple ribs removed so that you can try it for yourself, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

    You can pee anywhere, for crying out loud
    Clearly this isn’t sexy-times related—unless golden showers are your thing—but, man, I have been waiting to get this off my chest. YOU MEN GET TO URINATE ANYWHERE YOU WANT. Just whip out that pee tunnel and you’re good to go. In the woods, on the side of the road, in the snow. You’ll never have to know the misery of squatting to pee.

    Foreskin is awesome
    Lots of guys think foreskin looks funny. What they’re failing to see is the beauty of the mechanics of the thing, and the way a woman will appreciate being able to effortlessly glide her hand over the head.

    So is no-skin
    A circumsized dick is like a present without the wrapping—it’s 100 percent immediate gratification. No woman will argue with that.
    Penises are “morning people”
    Man, first thing every morning, without fail, your little guy pops right up out of bed like you never will. It’s inspiring, really. That dude has a real zest for life. In terms of role models for how to be in the world, it’s a toss up between the penis and the Dalai Lama.
    Not getting the morning wood the way you used to? No problem. Just do some PC Muscle exercises in the morning to get it back.

    Ejaculation is awesome
    I guess I don’t have to try too hard to convince you of this. I don’t just mean the awesomeness of the associated ecstasy, though. It’s also the dramatic visual display of pleasure. Nature’s fireworks, man! It makes ladies’ jaws drop in awe—and, OK, I’ll admit, a bit of jealousy. Now, some women do ejaculate, but it’s much less common, and more difficult to achieve. So count your blessings, penis-havers.

    Your wang is a beautiful thing
    The delicate ridges and veins. The mind-bending smoothness, even when it’s hard. (I could write a 1,000-word ode to the beauty of the frenulum alone, you guys.) It all makes for a breathtaking sight—and any woman who’s any fun to have sex with will agree.

    Wirtten in January 2015 by Tracy Clark-Flory for Men’s Health 

  • Many guys are like "Jelle why should we use such a small product as the JBoa? We barely believe it's as effective as you say."

    But after they used it; you only have to look into their blinking eyes to know they are believers and adore this small powerful Lasso CockRing.
    All say Jelle I didn't know my ejaculation could be this strong!! Thanks for creating this amazing product!

  • JNaja review

    I own multiple JNaja's by Velv'Or simply because I love them and prefer to have multiple colors as well as sizes to match the moment.

    I highly recommend this PenisRing to all men especially to men that never used a PenisRing before. If you don't know your size simply order 2 different sizes while you will always enjoy both. The biggest while being EnRinged during the day and the smaller version while having sex.

    I say ENJOY them to the max like I am.


    The JNaja is created to give you a different sensation while wearing a Cock Ring. The pressure on your perineum results in stronger erections and very powerful ejaculation.
    While being enringed you will enjoy the benefits of a perineum massage. Massaging this sensitive area of your body has great benefits on your sexual health. All the nerves linked to your sexual activity are running through this area. They will be reset and this makes your entire body relax, which results in prolonging the time to ejaculate. Wearing the JNaja can be compared to an internal prostate massage.
    The design of the JNaja is very comfortable and can be worn throughout the day, and during intercourse and masturbation sessions. The duration of being enringed varies per person, it’s always important to follow the indication of your body and take off the JNaja when required. Made from solid slate, the JNaja is 3D printed and colored like stonewashed jeans so it will de-color over time, giving it a personal touch.

    How to Wear:
    Hold the JNaja with the perineum part facing towards the body. Put the Balls through the oval shaped part of the JNaja. Then push the Penis through the same part. Then firmly pull the whole package out and push the JNaja to the body.

    How To Measure:
    The JNaja is available in 3 sizes 45MM, 50MM and 55MM.
    This simple guide will help you measure yourself to ensure you get the correct sized JNaja for your penis size. You want something that gives a heavy amount of pressure when erect, but not too much so it cuts off the blood circulation. You also want a pleasurable amount of comfort when flaccid.

    1. First you need to be fully erect.

    2. Take a piece of string and slip it behind your balls and tug it up nice and tight around the base of your penis (close to your body).

    3. Now mark the string on both sides where they come together (making sure that it feels comfortable).

    4. Remove the string and measure the distance between the 2 marks you’ve just made (mm). This gives you your circumference.

    5. Divide the circumference by 3.14 to calculate the size of JNaja you require!
    Safety -  Velv’Or advises you to listen to your body carefully, as the length of being EnRinged varies per person.

    “Enjoy being EnRinged”!


    The JBoa is created to give you a rock hard penis! The constriction of the base of your penis leads to restricting blood in your erect penis; which results in prolonging your erection. The constricting effect also results in a mind blowing, very powerful ejaculation because your sperm is squeezed out under pressure.
    The JBoa is your ideal mate during intercourse as well as during masturbation. Wearing it for some time during the day - for instance during your daily shower - with a half erect penis makes your penis feel bigger and more sensitive throughout the day.
    While the JBoa constricts your penis and keeps the blood in it, you really need to follow the indication of your body and de-constrict or loosen the string when required. The JBoa is made from a comfortable feeling, high quality silicone in combination with a hand finished stainless steel cylinder and can be your companion everywhere you go.

    How to Wear:
    Before you use the Velv’Or JBoa you need to have an erection. Once erect, follow these instructions:

    - Stretch the silicone so that the loop is large enough to fit around the shaft of your penis without pinching the skin

    - Place the loop over the penis and move it along the shaft so that it is positioned at the base and is as close to the body as possible

    - When in place, hold the stainless steel cylinder and pull the silicone ends so that the slack of the loop passes through the cylinder and the loop tightens around the shaft of the penis

    - For maximum comfort, it is recommended you ensure the loose silicone ends hang underneath the penis

    - Once in place and held securely, you can enjoy the Velv’Or JBoa during sex or foreplay for up to 30 minutes

    Safety - Velv’Or advises you to listen to your body carefully, as the length of being EnRinged varies per person.

    “Enjoy being EnRinged”!


    These stretchy One size fits all cockrings are especially designed by Velv'Or to give experts, beginners and all in between something amazing to wear and make their manhood more handsome.
    Their inner core is designed to give extra pressure; the functionality of the pressure varies for each model. The BG 002 is designed to keep the blood in the whole manhood.

    The BeauGosse CRings are produced from a high quality TPR so they can be used with all types of lubricants and oils.

    BG 002 – Designed to EnRing the whole package, the pressure to keeps the blood in the manhood and making the penis more firm and still give you comfortable wearability not only during sex but also while being EnRinged during the day.


    These stretchy One size fits all cockrings are especially designed by Velv'Or to give experts, beginners and all in between something amazing to wear and make their manhood more handsome.
    Their inner core is designed to give extra pressure; the functionality of the pressure varies for each model. The BG 003 is designed to push the balls away from the body and making the penis stand out.

    The BeauGosse CRings are produced from a high quality TPR so they can be used with all types of lubricants and oils.

    BG 003 – The inner core of the ring is designed to push the balls away from the body creating a nice amount of stretch and making the penis stand out. The design gives you comfortable wearability for a longer period of time.

    Get your BeauGosse's at Your Pleasure or at our store

  • We are working very hard on getting a new packaging for the JBoa on the market as we speak!!
    For this reason the JBoa might be out of stock at your favorite store but be patience it will be available soon again!!

    We really hope you like this extra box to store the iconic cigar tube and kindly thank you for your trust in Velv'Or!!

    If you have any questions feel free to contact us