• The King JCobra is the most exclusive CockRing on this globe. A ergonomically bent Precious Metal CockRing in the shape of a Cobra which will be individually handcrafted in 100 hours by an award winning Master Silversmith from the UK.

    A CockRing Jelle Plantenga created to give the world something extraordinary to wear. 

    Like the JCobra it can function as the ultimate wedding-, engagement-, birthday- and most of all sensual gift. A luxury attraction on a Gentlemen’s body.

    The King JCobra can be worn the whole day giving him the pleasure of being “EnRinged”- making sure his perineum is massaged / first chakra is being stimulated – which will increase his sexual health and makes him feel more manly and confident. Of course it has serious benefits during sex, giving him a firm amount of pressure on the perineum which results in a harder erection and a stronger orgasm.

    It weighs close to 685 grams and it’s optional to have a White or Black pearl set in his mouth - which increases the self-confidence of the wearer and enhances his mental faculties, promotes and builds cordial working atmosphere around him – and the chest can be set with numerous diamonds.

    The Solid Platinum version is like all other precious metal King JCobra’s Bespoke made for the future EnRinged Gentleman.
    It will be delivered to you in an astonishing wooden box created by the same craftsmen that make the interiors for Rolls Royce and Bentley.

    How to Wear
    Hold the King JCobra with the perineum part facing towards the body. Put the Balls through the oval shaped part of the King JCobra. Then push the Penis through the same part.
    Now firmly pull the whole package out and push the King JCobra to the body.

    Velv’Or advises you to listen to your body carefully, as the length of being EnRinged varies per person.

    “Enjoy being EnRinged”
    Production & Delivery time is about 8 weeks

    After purchase the size of the King JCobra will be discussed, something that can off course also be discussed before by e-mail or phone +31208228630

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  • PWOD - Penis Workout Of the Day -- Head Massage
    This gentle head massage is a pleasure for him while he can watch his head follow the curves of your neck and upper body. Using some oil or lube will EnRich his experience.

    PWOD - Penis Workout Of the Day -- Using your Tongue
    Hold his shaft tightly and move your tongue over his head. Best position of your hand is when your thumb and index finger are EnRinging his shaft as close to his body as possible. Tight your fingers so all blood stays in his penis and you feel it becoming like wood. If you want to intensify this squeeze your hand; starting with your middle finger followed by your ring finger and pinky, continuously EnRinging his shaft tightly with your thumb and index finger. This move will push even more blood towards his head you will feel it swelling each time you do the squeeze.

    PWOD - Penis Workout Of the Day -- Finger Job
    Hold his shaft with your thumb and index finger close to his body to make his Penis feel like wood and give you the opportunity to squeeze his balls gently with your other fingers. Run your fingers over his head to get him into heaven, when he is about to cum stop and gently tap/slap his head with your fingers. Tapping is easiest performed with your index and middle fingers. When he is relaxed again continue with running your fingers over his head. A but oil or lube will intensify this amazing experience for him.

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  • Why is watching PORN healthy for his Penis.

    The answer is very simple because when a guy is watching porn his penis becomes more active and is asking his body for blood. The extra blood circulation in his penis makes it healthier and fitter.
    So basically the more he watches porn the healthier his penis gets, the longer he can hold his erection while watching porn the longer he can please his partner.

    If he does his PWOD - Penis Workout Of the Day while watching porn the training will be way more intense and effective because his penis is nicely filled with blood.

    Enjoy watching some amazing Velv'Or moments and share some others with us if you like!

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    Enjoy Being EnRinged!!