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    As we all know "Our products are off course not only For Gay Men Only but it's great to be available at FGMO!!

    Get your JBoa or JNaja at FGMO

  • We created our MANHOOD collection especially for all Gentlemen on the Globe that want something which they can use during all their sensual moments in life.

    A Penis Delay to give them some extra time, a Cum Lube to EnRich their intercourse with something that looks like semen, a Powder Lube so they can create their own lube, some Penis Vitamins to give their body and their penis the little extra it needs to perform better, an Anal Lube to enjoy backdoor pleasure, a Massage & Lube so they can enjoy a long SWOD after a hot massage, a Penis Refresh to give their big guy a quick clean up and an After Shave Gel to be nice and smooth again after shaving. 

    Do you want to fill your shelve?? Pop by our store.

  • It is our pleasure to show you the BeBoosted which will go in production together with the BeHarder and BeEnduring early next week!

    The products are created to give the penis first aid when he requires this. We at Velv'Or know he always wants to be Fitter (BeBoosted), Harder (BeHarder) and Hold it longer (BeEnduring).

    We are looking forward to many positive reactions and reviews. We personally LOVE the products and are very happy we can supply a great new collection like the AID collection to you soon!!

    This collection is produced by Cobeco Pharma among with lots of other great products they are producing. Check them out at shop.cobeco.nl and apply for a reseller account if you do not have one yet.

  • It's great to see a special page about our brand at Only Taboos!!

  • We at Velv'Or wish you all very sensual and hot Velv'Or moments today!! Enjoy your SWOD - Sex Workout Of the Day

  • It's always a pleasure to receive images from stores that sell our products!

    Shhh... is so much in love with our JBoa that they are promoting it even when they do not have them on stock but are desperately waiting for the new JBoa to pop in!

    When you are in Porto Portugal please pop by their amazing store at:
    Rua do Bolhão,132
    4000-111, Porto

    Or simply browse to http://www.shhh-store.com
  • While we love the sun and EnRinging Gentlemen we give you a 10% discount on all JNaja's when using Discount Code JNAJA10

  • Welcome to the official Velv'Or shop, we created this shop on the Tictail platform because we like to help out innovative companies like our own.

    About us:
    Velv’Or is the inventing company behind some amazing products for Gentlemen. The name Velv’Or stands for the various physiological stages of the Penis. 'Velv' comes from the word 'Velvet' meaning Soft while 'Or' is derived from the word 'Vigor' meaning Hard.

    All started in November 2006 when the founder Jelle Plantenga was looking for a stylish cockring in and could not find what he was looking for. Together with a Dutch silversmith he created the first prototype; a bended silver cockring, which functioned effectively, but Jelle wanted it to be more comfortable and it had to give pressure on the perineum one of the most sensitive parts of the male anatomy. So he sent the prototype of to an award winning master silversmith from the UK. And together with him he created the JCobra.
    After numerous requests from consumers, retailers and distributors in November 2011 Jelle found a way to launch a more common version of the JCobra, which was called JNaja. A very revolutionary manufactures product; the first 3D printed Sextoy for commercial sales. From that moment on all JCobra fans that could only dream of wearing one where, able to BeRinged with a more affordable version of this great ergonomical designed luxorious cockring.
    The JNaja was and still is a huge success and the request for more Velv'Or products grew. Velv'Or added the BeauGosse BG's and JBoa to the Ready to Wear collection as well as a full range of MANHOOD products to offer their fans something amazing to add to their collection of Velv'Or products.
    Because many fans also wanted to show they are EnRinged in a little different way Velv'Or created the JConfessor, the JBoa bracelet/necklace and the Baby JNaja necklace.

    We hope you will enjoy our products as well as the products of our friends!