• Are our MANHOOD products already on your shelve

    We created our MANHOOD collection especially for all Gentlemen on the Globe that want something which they can use during all their sensual moments in life.

    A Penis Delay to give them some extra time, a Cum Lube to EnRich their intercourse with something that looks like semen, a Powder Lube so they can create their own lube, some Penis Vitamins to give their body and their penis the little extra it needs to perform better, an Anal Lube to enjoy backdoor pleasure, a Massage & Lube so they can enjoy a long SWOD after a hot massage, a Penis Refresh to give their big guy a quick clean up and an After Shave Gel to be nice and smooth again after shaving. 

    Do you want to fill your shelve?? Pop by our store.

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