• What Ssssluijters has to say about the JCobra

    Know to many as “The brand for GENTLEMEN”.

    ssssluijters.nl recently started to sell the brand Velv’Or, a brand that made us very happy from the first moment we say it!
    This week we gotten the license to sell the JCobra of Velv’Or.
    A cockring for men, the Rolls Royce among the penisrings.
    You will have something exclusive in your hands, a jewel that has been created with love and passion something that matches you as a “Gentleman”
    Erotic with class, a jewel you barely dare to wear, but looks O so astonishing on your little guy!

    Beside the amazing look the JCobra give your little guy a longer erection and gives the wearer the feeling of being more Manly!
    And off course a Orgasm with Class!

    The JCobra’s are handmade (in 10 hours) by an award winning Master Silversmith from the UK. The design comes from Jelle Plantenga.
    The Ring for Gentlemen can function as the ultimate wedding, engagement or birthday gift.
    A piece of luxury on the body of Gentlemen.

    We got two models to offer from the Velv’Or JCobra collection:

    Velv’Or JCobra Hollow silver €1600,-
    Velv’Or JCobra Solid silver €3000,-

    The Hollow Silver JCobra comes with or without a 8mm white or black pearl and weights about 60 grams.
    It EnRiches the self-confidence of the wearer and improves his spiritual ability.
    The jewel comes with the Velv’Or logo engraved into it and personalized engravings are an option.
    Like we all know many men give their little guy a special name, have this one engraved or go for a special text for your love one - everything is an option!!

    How to wear
    Slip your balls through the over part of the oval part of the JCobra followed by your penis. Make sure the Perineum part of the JCobra is able to passage the perineum which is located between the scrotum and anus). Push the JCobra firmly to your body so it wears effectively.

    Production & delivery takes about 8 weeks

    Price starts at € 1600,-

    Please head to the special Velv'Or page of ssssluijters.nl

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