• A menu for a better erection

    Many men on our globe suffer from potency problems according to many Sexual Dysfunction Associations. They see Injury, diabetes, medication, high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems and common causes. Many Sexperts advice a diet. Here is one we selected for you:

    Oat porridge with Quinoa flakes and berries
    Keeps mood and blood sugar stable, the fibre reduces cholesterol to improve circulation, and the berries keep your veins in good order.

    Wholemeal salmon and avocado wrap with tomato salsa 
    Avocado delivers Vitamin E which ups blood flow to the penis. Salmon's tryptophan and Omega's boost mood, and lycopene in the salsa protects the prostate which can interfere with your mechanics.

    Grilled chicken with sunflower seed pesto, new potatoes and watercress

    Chicken delivers the amino acid L-arginine which helps relax muscles surrounding blood vessels, increasing erection-enabling blood-flow. The watercress and new potatoes provide plenty of the heart-protecting vitamin C to keep one pump supplying the other.

    Article is originally from Men's Health

    We agree with the Sexperts on a prober diet but also know that our PWOD - Penis Workouts Of the Day as well as wearing our Cock Rings will be very beneficial for him!

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