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    When I received this I couldn't wait to put it to the test. Hubby and I have a fantastic sex life but when the toys come out or I dress up he can get a little over-excited, and then it's game over. So when this arrived we got the toy box out and set down to business!

    First and foremost, let's start with the packaging. I was expecting some crude imagery on the tube but thankfully there was none. The tube is silver with a first aid cross in the top right hand corner and some writing on the front. At first glance this could be passed off as some topical ointment of sorts, so not too much of an issue to be out on display by accident.

    The cream itself is white in colour and smells and tastes minty, it's quite a strong mint taste but just like having brushed your teeth so not unpleasant in the slightest.

    I rubbed a little onto hubby during foreplay and he said within minutes that he could feel almost a numbness, not in a bad way but it took the edge off the sensations.

    We managed to play with several toys during the life of it without needing to reapply, and I even gave him oral just to see if that would tip him over the edge… but nope he still went on! The taste was that pleasant that even giving him oral it was quite nice, like sucking a funny shaped polo!

    Normally he would have come and gone (to sleep) by this point, so I was a very happy bunny when I even got another 15 minutes of sex on top of all the toy play and oral. At this point he did say it had started to wear off a little. Although that could partly be due to having oral with it on.

    This was a very happy ending for both of us and considering how dubious I was about its effectiveness I was pleasantly proven wrong!

    For someone who can get a little over-excited, this is a dream come true!

    Send me hard

    I was selected to test the Be Boosted penis erection cream in exchange for a honest review.

    This is my first experience in using a cream of this type, so was very intrigued as to how well the cream would work. The cream arrived in a sealed discreet jiffy bag in quick delivery time that Lovehoney offer.

    The cream is in a silver tube with the product name on the front and instructions on the reverse. It does advise you to test a small amount on your arm, just to check you don’t have an allergic reaction.

    The lid just lifts up and once you have removed the silver tape over the end of the tube to prevent leakage the cream just squeezes out.

    On my first use of the cream I just squeezed out a pea-size amount, and did find you need a bit more than that, and I rubbed it into the shaft and head of my penis thoroughly. I got a warming sensation, and as my wife was playing with my penis and I was getting aroused with a warm feeling which was great.

    Our next use of the cream was after we had sexual intercourse and I had climaxed. I decided to rub some of the cream into my penis to see if it would send me erect again and it did work wonders. We were soon enjoying more of a session and was still erect after about half an hour later.

    The third experience I had using the cream was for some solo time. My wife was getting me very excited in other ways to see how long it does take me to climax and to see if I took longer or climaxed in the usual amount of time. To my enjoyment, I was harder and certainly did last a lot longer and my climax felt more exciting.

    Once you have got the cream rubbed into your penis there is no need to reapply as it works great with a small amount you first use. My penis did still feel nice and smooth and didn’t go greasy after all the cream was rubbed in. When you do clean yourself up after using the cream it doesn’t leave any residue of the cream on you.

    The description on the tube says the exclusive ingredients of the cream that it stimulates an erection to last longer. It really does this and my penis feels tingly when using the cream and I did find that even if I did go soft it wasn’t too long before I was getting erect again. Even though the tube is 45ml, it will last a while as you do only need a great amount for each use. I am amazed how well the penis erection cream really does work and I can’t stop wanting to use it.

    I’m really glad Lovehoney selected me to test this product. Really would recommend this to anyone who was thinking of purchasing it.

    Be boosted, or not

    I was asked to test the Be Boosted penis stimulation cream by Lovehoney. The tube is a masculine grey/silver colour with white and yellow lettering. It has a screw cap, and a small foil seal on the end of the tube to ensure the product is new.

    The tube directs you to massage the cream into the penis for softer skin, increased circulation, stimulated growth and firmer erections. So my OH and I set about testing this.

    Firstly the cream is a white colour, and it has a mild smell. My best description of the smell is it’s like baby wipes. In fact it's exactly like baby wipes. The cream is smooth and delicate, easily absorbed. There is no sticky residue which is good. It doesn't give any particular sensation (according to my OH). It doesn't tingle, warm, or cool, in fact it doesn't give any sensation at all.

    It doesn't seem to enhance the user’s erection, and I certainly didn't notice my OH being any larger or harder than normal. It did make the skin of his penis feel softer, smoother and moisturised.

    I don't know if this is something you need to persevere with, maybe using everyday for a month before noticing any results, but I don't think we would bother. For us it didn't seem to be stimulating. As a moisturiser it was okay, but that's about the best we could say about it.

    To this last guy we have to give some more details about the product. Our BeBoosted for sure enhances the erection and does make it stronger and harder than normal. But to feel and see the results he has to be more patient and indeed use this BeBoosted of ours more often - preferably with some Penis Workouts.
    By using this BeBoosted of ours together with daily exercises the ingredients of this cream will work like a protein does for the muscles of your body. 
    We ask this customer of Lovehoney to give it some time and enjoy his daily Penis Workouts.

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