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    The JBoa is created to give you a rock hard penis. The constriction of the base of your penis leads to restricting blood in your erect penis; which results in prolonging your erection. The constricting effect also results in a mind blowing, very powerful ejaculation because your sperm is squeezed out under pressure.

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  • This time a small Dutch review:

    "Jelle biedt  op een prachtige website zeer fraaie artikelen aan. De JBoa is er daar één van.
    Zijn servicegerichtheid is prima.
    Een klein mankement (gebroken bandje) wordt razendsnel en tegen een kleine vergoeding verholpen.
    De montageaanwijzing daarbij is bijzonder duidelijk."
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  • It is a pleasure to share with you some new images of our JNada!!

    The JNada is based on our first design as well as on our iconic JNaja and is an Ergonomically designed Cock Ring. One that follows the curves of your body making it a very comfortable Cock Ring to wear even when riding your bicycle for instance. As the JNaja you can wear it throughout the day, besides intercourse and masturbation sessions.
    The duration of being enringed varies per person, it’s always important to follow the indication of your body and take off the JNaja when required.
    The JNada is like the JNaja 3D printed and colored like stonewashed jeans so it will de-color over time, giving it a personal touch.

    The JNada is currently only available in 45MM, 47.5MM 50MM, 52.5MM and 55MM but we hope to add more sizes soon when the request for this model grows.

  • Story from a very happy EnRinged member of the Velv'Or League of EnRinged Gentlemen!!

    A JNaja designed and printed for me was my desire. I already had several JNajas.

    I had seen JNajas on the Internet and recognized that their design and production were beyond the everyday ordinary. I bought my first in Amsterdam. That was about three years ago. I find wearing a JNaja improves my erections, the volume of my ejaculate and the intensity of my orgasms. And from physical and psychological perspectives, wearing one is very pleasing. My experience is what I understand Velv’or means by being EnRinged.

    Despite the pleasure the JNaja gives, the arm does not reach along my perineum as far as I would prefer. I had seen pictures of long armed JNajas: one with the arm curving upwards and another with an extremely long arm that had been created especially for a Velv'Or fan. 

    I did not want a JNaja quite like either of these. My preference was for one with a longer arm: an arm that could massage my perineum above the bulb of my penis, and which would not be an inconvenience if the JNaja is worn for longer periods.

    I knew the size for the ring of the JNaja. However, I did not want the measurements for the arm to be wrong. I needed to provide Velv-or with accurate measurements for the arm, its angle to the ring, any curvature, and the shape of its tip. What was the best way of doing this? I was not sure, but I knew I had to be creative.

    I obtained some modeling materials and tried adding a longer arm to one of my JNajas. It was not as easy as I had hoped. The best material turned out to be a thermo-labile modeling plastic. Most of my “proto-types” looked more like abstract sculptures than something supposed to be purposeful. After quite a few retries, I found an arm length and angle, and tip size that seemed right.

    I contacted Velv’or and Jelle sent me an image that I was able to amend digitally and annotate with measurements. I returned it and he had his graphic team interpret my information into the initial design. We then discussed some modifications, what could work well, and a final design was agreed. That was mid October. By early November, I was unwrapping my new JNata - the name given to this extended arm JNaja.

    My first thought was “Wow!” I was holding the 3D version of the 2D images I had last seen on screen. Its shape looked correct and the colour I had selected was vivid. It felt good to hold and when I put it down it looked balanced and poised. But, how would it wear? I tried it on for size and comfort. 

    I find my JNata wears well: very well indeed. It is no harder to put on than a normal JNaja and it massages me precisely were I want it to massage. There have been times when I have worn it most of my working day and then most of the night. As with my JNajas, I have stronger erections, voluminous ejaculations and my orgasms are more intense. With it on I feel EnRinged. I love it!

    I had held back from requesting the JNata. Determining meaningful measurements for the design had been my chief concern. Having found a way of ensuring a satisfying shape could be achieved and getting the measurements sent in a meaningful way to Velv’Or, the rest was easy. Jelle provided advice and helped with his team to transfer my thoughts into a final design. The production process and delivery ran smoothly and efficiently.

    So my advice to you is, if you’ve been thinking of a bespoke design, a customized JNaja, a JNata or something interesting, then contact Jelle either on line at velv-or.net or email him at orders@velv-or.com. Let him help you fulfill your desires.

  • Many many men on the globe can already say Be EnRinged to their friends with a blink of joy in their eyes!! Can you already do this??

  • Extending the range

    Men are not created equal. At Velv’Or, we recognize this fact. Well that’s why we offer a wide range of Gentlemen’s rings. We want to ensure your needs can be met.

    Our highly popular bespoke JCobra’s and ready to wear JNaja’s massage the perineum, the erogenous area between the scrotum and the anus. And just as penis size and shape varies from man to man, we know too that Gentlemen who require a large ring to BeRinged will not have the same size perineum as men for whom a smaller ring provides the best EnRinged experience. On average, the length of a man’s perineum, is between 45mm and 50mm, though it can be as short as 10mm or as long as 90mm. That’s quite some size range!

    For Gentlemen with a longer perineum and who want a larger area of it massaged when being EnRinged, we can now offer a new edition to the JNaja family. We call it the JNata. With its extended arm, we think the EnRinged experience is one of feeling born again. And like cream rising on milk, it will help you raise your sexual experience too.

    Based on the JNaja, the JNata has an arm that is one and a half times as long as the arm on the JNaja. It is also wider where it attaches to the ring, and its iconic logo embossed head is bigger. The modifications mean the arm of the JNata can rest against and massage parts of your perineum that the JNaja cannot reach. 

    The JNata is currently available in a 50mm ring size with a 75mm long arm. It can be made in any one of 14 colours.

    Use our easy to follow instructions to determine whether a 50mm JNata is right for EnRinging your penis, scrotum and balls. If it is, then order one online today and see how it makes you feel.

    If the 50mm is not your size, or you desire something altogether different, then let us know your requirements by emailing orders@velv-or.com.

    As always we recommend you to listen to your body when wearing one of our rings.

  • Sometimes you see things which remind you of totally other things!

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  • Did you know that our BeBoosted from our AID collection is an extremely good Jelqing cream/lotion!! It moisturizes the skin of the penis and softens its tissue, causing it to become highly responsive during penis enlargement exercises and gives a growth boost!!

    What the press says about Jelqing


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  • Velv’Or AID BeOpen
    Now your partner can always be more open and enjoy a back door ride more relaxed!
    We created our BeOpen to enrich the pleasure of anal intercourse. The unique formula of this water based lube slightly numbs the top layer of skin, making it less sensitive and more relaxed to receive.
    BeOpen is also an ideal lube for foreplay penis massage; it makes your skin less sensitive so you can perform longer. It will delay your orgasm so you can please your partner for a longer period of time.
    We advise to apply the lubricant to your anus some minutes before intercourse so your body can absorb it. The same counts for your penis.

    Yes you are correct our BeOpen is the same lubricant as the MANHOOD Anal Relax. But now in a different packaging!

    This collection is produced by Cobeco Pharma among with lots of other great products they are producing. Check them out at shop.cobeco.nl and apply for a reseller account if you do not have one yet.

  • BeauGosse, JNaja, JNada, JBoa, JPython, JCobra, King JCobra. How do they wear? 

    When we at Velv’Or ask our League of EnRinged Gentlemen “How does it wear?” we’re asking not just “How does being EnRinged feel physically?” We are also asking “How does being EnRinged function for you?” and “How does being EnRinged make you feel emotionally?”

    We are always interested to learn of your expectations and experiences to help us develop our products. 

    Since 2006, when we first started producing cock rings, we have been working to develop and improve our range of life-style products. We have looked for ways of making our designs more effective in delivering people’s expectations and more widely available to everybody. 

    3D printing and processing has enabled us to offer some of our bespoke range as ready to wear rings. Printing and dying has also meant we have been able to significantly increase the range of sizes and colours on offer, and to develop new design concepts such as the Birdnest JNaja.

    Over the years, our printer has worked to improve the coloring and tumbling processing. Most of the products they now print do not need to be tumbled, but they have recommended that longer tumbling creates both better colouring and smoother surfaces. So now the whole printing, coloring and tumbling process actually takes about two days! 48 hours! We think the results are worth the wait.

    We have worked as well on the original JNaja design. The Velv’Or logo, which was inset on the upper side of the perineum arm, is now in relief on the underside. Moving and changing the logo’s appearance means the JNaja even more comfortable to wear and easier to keep clean. 

    We say “Tell us of your experiences, expectations and needs”. We’ll continue to work with you to help fulfill them.