• Many fans of Velv'Or / friends / family and beyond as me: "Jelle is your MANHOOD After Shave Gel only for your the male genitals??"
    I reply "Why do you think it is only for the male genitals? Because I created my brand for men? It actually is an After Shave Gel for both men and women and it is not only for the genitals. You can use it all over your body. I personally use it after shaving my genitals, armpits and off course my face neck. Especially on the face and neck it gives a very comfortable feeling and the good thing is that I never have ingrowing hairs. I highly recommend it to all men and maybe even more to all Barber Shops!!"

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  • We like to inform you that we recently lowered the prices of the BeauGosse Set and the BG 003. Now you off course are interested why we made this decision. Well after having the BeauGosse's on the market for some years with great reviews and many very happy gentlemen. We want many more gentlemen to enjoy these great stretchy CRings and one way to do this is adjusting the price.

    Beside the fact that we lowered the price because we want more gentlemen to experience the feeling of being EnRinged we encountered some snapping BG 001's & BG 002's so we had these reproduced. We didn't reproduced the BG 003's because we had no issues with these BeauGosse's but while we are not sure they will encounter some issues in the future we lowered the price with 30%. The current RRP of the BG 003 is € 21 and the Set currently holds a RRP of € 39.

    We hope by lowering the prices many more Gentlemen will give the BeauGosse Set and separate BG's a go and experience something new in life.

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