• A great review by a customer from Lovehoney

    Cock ring in a tube

    This is an interesting idea: plenty of men struggle to maintain an erection at times, and it's nice to see a product that uses the power of nature to make a difference.

    The tube is very plain - it's not subtle, as it says precisely what it is on it, but it's not sleazy or tacky in anyway, as some other products can be. It comes as it is - no packaging - so a bit tick on environmental credentials too! It's also hygiene sealed over the product itself.

    I personally prefer tubes rather than bottles, as I find a flip top lid easier to manipulate if I'm only using one hand, and there's no danger of knocking it over and wasting product either. It's small enough to go in your plastic bag if you're flying with hand luggage only, and the lid is really secure- I've previously had a freak lube accident, so this is something I also rate highly!

    But does it work? Well, you only need a tiny amount to cover the whole penis - it spreads easily, and seems to last forever too: we only ever had to apply at the start of a session, and it seemed to be effective throughout. So this is really cost-effective - it might seem pricey initially, but a tube will last for ages. However - Lovehoney tell you to be sure to do a sensitivity test before using, on the inside of your arm. Please don't think you can skip this- it's a very active product, and for people with sensitive skin, it could be just too much. It's really not sexy to dive off the bed to plunge your penis into the freezer...

    I can't quite put my finger on what the scent is: it's not unpleasant, but sort of spicy and minty, maybe. It's not at all overpowering or fake, but it is there, and the scent is quite enduring. Not having a penis of my own, I've relied on my partner for a description of how it actually feels: and apparently, it's sort of warming, then tingling, then a kind of warm, tight feeling. In the beginning, he says, you don't really feel anything, then it starts to warm up in a good way (like cinnamon chewing gum, not like Deep Heat!) and then it starts feeling really stimulated from the inside and tingly, before just feeling "tight". On further investigation, this apparently means that it's kind of like a really, really good hard on. (He really needs to get his own Lovehoney account - I find it almost impossible to translate from ManSpeak to English!)

    It starts to work really quickly, though to the naked eye, it doesn't really seem like anything's happening. However, this is deceptive: even to a hand, the whole erection just feels more solid, somehow, and if you're giving oral sex, it feels very hard. If you're worried about a taste - don't be: I didn't really notice any taste at all, but I did enjoy the feeling of a harder-than-usual hard-on. Where it really comes into its own, though, is penetrative sex - oh my goodness, you can feel the difference! I don't mean the various "warming, tingling, tightening" things, either (I didn't feel any sensations from using this product that weren't connected with hardening!) - it almost makes your partner feel bigger, because the cock becomes *so* hard and solid. Absolutely amazing!

    So- in answer to my question a few paragraphs above: yes, it definitely works! It also keeps working - so if your partner's orgasmed once, after he's relaxed and built up his strength again, it still seems to be active. We tried it over several nights, and I can also confirm that it is effective if alcohol has been consumed - it won't totally blow Brewer's Droop out of the water, but it's a definite improvement on the alternative.

    Bottom Line: if you or your partner have ever wished to be harder for longer, this is your product. Buy it now. If your partner regularly overindulges, leaving you disappointed and reaching for your magic wand, buy two tubes.

  • Many men have secret desires! One of them is a firm grip around their balls!

    Off course if you as a partner are giving him his first firm grip and some pulls you have to listen carefully to his instructions. This while he has to teach you how much grip and how hard the pulls may be.

    We always advise to begin with a nice massage of his balls using a massage oil and work towards the firm grip and pulls. Off course you may massage his penis while doing this. The pull on his balls will actually also delay his urge to ejaculate. If you give him an endurance PWOD - Penis Workout Of the Day you have to stop massaging his penis the moment he feels he has to ejaculate. At this moment you pull his balls firmly down with one hand and with the other you give the base of his penis a very tight grip with your thump and index finger. Hold this until his urge to ejaculate fades away. You will probably love the look and feel of his very erect penis at this moment. So feel free hold the grips and tickle his penis with your lips and tongue the moment his urge to ejaculate is faded away. Continue this over and over again to train his endurance.

    Please know that his ejaculation is a great way to maintain his urological health. Men between the ages of 20-50 that regularly ejaculate maintain a better sexual health.

    We at Velv'Or know that he loves to be reminded to the feeling of your hand holding his balls and for this reason we offer him our BeauGosse BG 003 which comes in a great set together with the BG 001 (simulating your fingers around the base of his penis) and the BG 002 (simulating your fingers around his whole package).
    We hope you will enjoy this great PWOD - Penis Workout Of the Day given by your partner and off course our BeauGosse's

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