• Why he wants to wear Velv'Or's BG003

    Many men have secret desires! One of them is a firm grip around their balls!

    Off course if you as a partner are giving him his first firm grip and some pulls you have to listen carefully to his instructions. This while he has to teach you how much grip and how hard the pulls may be.

    We always advise to begin with a nice massage of his balls using a massage oil and work towards the firm grip and pulls. Off course you may massage his penis while doing this. The pull on his balls will actually also delay his urge to ejaculate. If you give him an endurance PWOD - Penis Workout Of the Day you have to stop massaging his penis the moment he feels he has to ejaculate. At this moment you pull his balls firmly down with one hand and with the other you give the base of his penis a very tight grip with your thump and index finger. Hold this until his urge to ejaculate fades away. You will probably love the look and feel of his very erect penis at this moment. So feel free hold the grips and tickle his penis with your lips and tongue the moment his urge to ejaculate is faded away. Continue this over and over again to train his endurance.

    Please know that his ejaculation is a great way to maintain his urological health. Men between the ages of 20-50 that regularly ejaculate maintain a better sexual health.

    We at Velv'Or know that he loves to be reminded to the feeling of your hand holding his balls and for this reason we offer him our BeauGosse BG 003 which comes in a great set together with the BG 001 (simulating your fingers around the base of his penis) and the BG 002 (simulating your fingers around his whole package).
    We hope you will enjoy this great PWOD - Penis Workout Of the Day given by your partner and off course our BeauGosse's

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