• Don't let him stay in his comfort zone

    I created my brand Velv'Or to offer men something different something that gets them out of their comfort zones.

    Why he should get EnRinged!

    It still amazes me how many men still do not have a clue why they should wear a Cock Ring. Unfortunately they are not aware of the amazing feeling it will give them and the way it will change their lives.

    I know their are many many different Cock Rings out there and I appreciate them all while they are all great colleagues of the Cock Rings of my brand.

    Lets take the JNaja for instance which is an ergonomically designed Cock Ring that EnRings his whole package and gives pressure on his perineum. The pressure and massage enriches his sexual health and will guarantee him an amazing feeling and a mind blowing orgasm.
    When he wears it 24/7 it gives him the feeling of being on top of the World and gets him into his Fetish Zone while nobody arounds him has a clue he is EnRinged.

    While the JNaja gives pressure on his root chakra it gets him out of his Comfort Zone. This pressure and massage will strengthen his root chakra.
    Men with a strong root chakra can be assumed with leaders and people with magnetic personalities.

    I hope you enjoyed this small teaching and will share it with all Gentlemen you know!

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