• Guys are you still wondering why

    Unfortunately it is still a fact that many men still do not know why they should be wearing our JBoa on a daily basis!!
    We know education can make many of you to decide to give it a go!

    Our JBoa is a lasso Penis Ring one that you should wear "ONLY" at the base of your penis as close to your body as possible.

    How to wear it daily during your shower!
    Before putting it on we advise you to do our Swinging PWOD just for a minute or so to fill your penis with a nice amount of blood. Your penis doesn't have to be erect just nicely filled. Now put your JBoa in place and pull the string so the JBoa nicely ConStricts the base of your penis. With your two thumbs you now push the JBoa even more towards your body. When you do this you will see and feel your Penis to become bigger. When in place pull the strings a little bit more so it ConStricts you with more force. You will probably love the way your penis looks now!
    Now you can leave it there for some minutes. Please listen to your body and build up the time of ConStiction by listing carefully to your body.

    The aim is that the blood chambers of your penis will extend so your penis will feel and look bigger over the months of doing this exercise on a daily basis.

    If we inspired you, which we hope we did, and you do not own a JBoa yet now is the time to get one!

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    1. Just when you think you know a lot, there is so much more to learn. This is great, helpful news!

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