• To all guys like me

    Sometimes we at Velv'Or receive a letter which we frankly can not resist to share with you. Enjoy and hope you will also be living the Velv'Or Lifestyle soon!

    NYC June 2016
    I am a first timer so never used a Cock Ring before because I didn't believed it would give me something extra in life. Well I was WRONG!!

    Some weeks ago a friend told me something about his JNaja by Velv'Or which got me thinking; "should I also buy one??"

    Well finally last week I ordered one. I was amazed by the stylish white box the JNaja came in; it shows the product from multiple angles and tells you all about it.
    Directly after being EnRinged (the way Velv'Or calls the state when you wear a JNaja) with my JNaja I felt a difference. The pressure behind my balls on my perineum gave me a WOW factor; "I love it".
    Unfortunately my lady wasn't home so just continued my day the cowboy style (without wearing my underwear). I love wearing my jeans the cowboy style which makes me more aware of my manhood; the JNaja enriched this feeling. Dam I recommend it to all men on the globe.

    Finally my lady came home and directly noticed a difference, she said you look more alpha today what did you do? When she said this she noticed the nice white box and picked it up from the dinner table. She was silent for a while, walked up to me, kneeled down, unzipped my pants and said wow does this ring really make you feel the way you feel at the moment? I said yes from the first second I EnRinged myself with it. I can not describe the feeling but it’s amazing and love the way it makes me aware of my manhood every second regardless of what I am doing. While I was telling her about this she could not resist touching the JNaja, something my manhood of course appreciated and I presented her an erection I never experienced before and she could not resist telling me she loved the new way my cock looked. After playing with her fingers, lips and tongue she finally took it all the way. While she was doing this I felt a different pressure on my perineum and started to tighten it. A movement I wrote about on the World of Velv’Or and one I performed previously but now with the JNaja I really felt my cock getting harder every time I tightened this spot. She loved these power strokes and to experience them better, she stopped moving her head keeping me in her so she could feel them better, her tongue gently tickling my cock the moments I didn’t gave her these power strokes. Every stroke became more intense due to the amount of blood in my penis, I felt and saw my veins getting bigger and bigger. I was thinking dam why why why didn’t I tried this before. Eventually I couldn’t hold it and filled her with more semen than ever before. Normally after this I needed a small bit of rest before going for the next round but this time with the JNaja EnRinging me I kept up straight, undressed my lady, went down on her, filled her pussy with my newly EnRinged cock, went down on her again, filled her pussy again with my cock, had her come multiple times until she screamed and begged me to come inside of her.

    Dam Velv’Or thanks for this amazing experience and I can tell you guys I experienced many more of these Velv’Or Moments in my life now a days so decided I am also living the Velv’Or Lifestyle and can’t wait for my JCobra to arrive!! I ordered the Solid Silver Vigor Edition and know for 100% sure many more will follow.

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