• Words of a Dutch Adult Retailer

    Words from a Dutch Adult Retailer!!

    Yesterday afternoon I received my first JNaja. My first impression was: what a sexy box! Around 13:00 I struggled myself into the JNaja (while it is my first rigid CRing I still have to get used to the way to do this) and stayed EnRinged till late that evening. The JNaja works as promised; you will be reminded of your manhood throughout the day and this simply makes you horny. This resulted in a nice surprise for my wife last evening and then the true nature of the JNaja came up …

    … I AM SPEECHLESS … IT WAS FAN-TAS-TIC!! I think my penis has never been so hard, long and thick, with any other cockring! And I got quite some at home (all flexible). I always have the impression that a cockring does its best job when I lie on my back, as if the CRing pinches the bloodflow the best in this position.
    This was also the case with the JNaja, at this moment I really felt the perineum part of the JNaja doing its job and my penis could not remain silent: uncontrolled contractions of the pelvic floor muscles were the result. Not to mention the appearance and feel.

    I have a size 55mm and it fits me nicely. During the day I thought: maybe I could had better gone for a size smaller. But I have what they call a blood sausage. So he grows quite a lot when getting erect and last night during my first erection being EnRinged with my JNaja it looked amazing. I have seen quite a lot of penises in my life while being a bisexual and knew my penis was pretty thick, but not impressive of size. While being EnRinged with the JNaja it seems that my manhood stands out more.

    To keep a long story short: perfect size for me, a BIG 10 for the JNaja!!

    (I still remain curious about a smaller size, would it work, would it be even more comfortable or even make the result even better …????

    Do you also want to experience the same as this humble Dutch Adult Retailer don't hesitate and just order your JNaja NOW!!

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