• Our iconic Penis Delay Spray is now also available in our AID collection!

    Velv’Or AID BeSteady
    Is created to delay your ejaculation. About 30% of all men in the age range of 18 to 58 suffer from premature ejaculation.

    We know how unpleasant the feeling is for a man when comes too quickly. With this special liquid you will be able to hold on longer so you can give your partner as well as yourself more time.
    After a quick firm shake of the champagne colored liquid, spray 2 to 5 times on the penis – we advise to spray on the underside of your penis and on the head.
    When used before oral pleasure we advise to let the liquid absorb into your skin, dried by air for a few minutes and then be washed away with our MANHOOD Penis Cleaner ensuring your partner will not get a numb feeling in their mouth.

    The Penis Delay Spray comes is a very handy 12ml bottle so it can be your companion everywhere you go and assist you when needed.

    Get yours now at one of our retailers You can soon also buy it at our shop but for now we grant our retailers to the premier! If your favorite retailer isn't selling it yet please ask them to stock it!


    This collection is produced by Cobeco Pharma among with lots of other great products they are producing. Check them out at shop.cobeco.nl and apply for a reseller account if you do not have one yet.

  • Fans have contacted Velv'Or requesting a JNaja without the arm. 

    Our response is the JNada. It is ergonomic like the JNaja, but bicycle ride proof. 

    What do we mean?

    Cycling on a traditional bike saddle puts an enormous amount of pressure on the perineum: the erogenous area from the scrotum to the anus. The pressure can be equivalent to as much as 40 per cent of the body’s weight. The perineum was never meant to bear such loads and if prolonged they can damage - full on erectile dysfunction, erections that will not last long, numbness of the genitals.

    What lies beneath the perineum that might stop the penis doing its thing? 

    As much of the penis is inside the body as is outside. The root of the penis is beneath the perineum. The Cowper’s glands, the prostate gland, and the seminal vesicles are all above the bulb at the end of the root. All contribute to semen. 

    In addition, under the perineum are: sensory, autonomous and motor nerves to transmit messages so the penis can respond to stimulation; arteries and veins carrying blood that feeds and engorges the penis when aroused; and, perineal muscles that contract forcibly to expel semen during ejaculation. 

    Damage to these networks, tissues and glands can occur from physical pressure or lowered oxygen levels when blood supplies are restricted.

    Saddles specifically designed to avoid perineal damage should allow you to cycle wearing a JNaja. But being EnRinged with one while cycling seated on a traditional bike saddle may cause problems. The arm will rest between the perineum and the nose of the saddle, and will take the pressure from your body.

    For your comfort we recommend the ready to wear JNada or the bespoke VV1. They are both bicycle ride proof. They have no arms to come between you and your saddle. They are the rings of choice for Gentlemen who enjoy cycling EnRinged. 

    Remember though to always listen to your body when EnRinged with a Velv'Or Gentleman’s ring.


  • Some thoughts on whether size does matter?

    How you put your Velv'Or Gentleman’s ring on is a matter of personal preference. The process seems simple enough and Velv'Or has an anatomically correct series of sketches to show you how to EnRing: ensure you sack is relaxed and loose, then ease your testicles through the ring one at a time, followed by your penis, your cock, your love root, your manhood … call it what you will. 

    Recently while getting EnRinged with my Birdnest JNaja, I reflected on how I needed a bit more dexterity when putting the ring on than when I used a regular JNaja. I had with one hand to scrunch the loops of the Birdnest JNaja together so that the aperture of the ring was at its maximum, doing this as I held the ring to the right of my package; and with my other hand, while keeping my scrotum relaxed, coax first one ball then the other and finally my pensile penis through. It made me think I could do with a spare pair of hands. 

    If partners are with you they can of course provide the helping hand or two, but if you alone and wanting to slip into your ring for a bit of personal time then you will not have that help. Even with help, if your penis becomes too enlarged before you get it through the ring you will need to stop and think of other things while it deflates. If you do not do this, you will not have any hope of getting EnRinged.

    As I adjusted my Birdnest JNaja into place, the following questions came to mind. As a right-handed man, would it be easier for me to put my right or left nut through first? Do left-handed men put their left or their right nadger through first? What does the ambidextrous man do? What kind of ring design might help a man without two normal hands? And, does the side to which your dick hangs help or hinder dependent upon your handedness?

    Soon other questions relating more to genital physique started to flood in. Most men have one plum that hangs lower than the other. More often it is the left one that swings lowest. This may be because in most men the left is heavier than the right. So is it easier to put the low hanging fruit through the ring first? 

    How about guys like the man in the limerick who came from the English town of Devizes? He had balls of two different sizes. Would he have started with the larger or the smaller? 

    What about number of nads you have in you scrotum, or even how many functioning staffs you might have? Is life easier for the man who has only one orchid when it comes to getting EnRinged? Let’s not think about Darcy Dancer, J R Donleavy’s fictitious Gentleman of adventure, who was polyorchidic with three in his bag: a rare condition, but a reality for some men.

    Me, I have one testicle that was late to descend into my scrotum. Why was it happy to take a longer sojourn in its inguinal canal stunting its growth and the growth of its suspensor? The dissymmetry is something I have not come fully to grips with. One day I’ll get myself one of those orchidometers to assess just how unalike they are. Not that that is going to resolve anything. 

    The size difference between my two boys has meant that my smaller higher hanging right testis has so far been the one of choice to be manoeuvred first through my Velv'Or rings. Could it be that I have made a mistake? Should I stay in more and experiment a little or a lot? Might things be easier if I lead with my left? The results may well suggest additional variety to what works with how my EnRinging is achieved. 

    As Velv'Or's product range shows, we’re all different. There are many ways to achieve your goals, so I suggest you pause a while and find out what gets you to yours.

    EnRinged Gentleman

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  • If you want something special – then get the Birdnest Jnaja  09/06/16

    I received my Birdnest JNaja today: a lovely bright orange one. What a truly clever bit of engineering and thoughtful design. Some serious and creative thinking has gone into the production of this marvel. 

    Using the materials of the standard JNaja, Jelle has come up with a new member to his cock ring family that when off looks beautiful and when on has the ergonomic curves to sit snuggly yet the flexibility to enring securely. 

    Made with two hoops attached to the perineum arm, one is a triple spiral while the other is a single loop. Both can be deformed easily in the hand to allow positioning, before reverting to their normal shape when you loosen your grip. The springiness of the 3D printed nylon fibre means that the Birdnest JNaja enrings you more firmly than the standard JNaja.

    The arm sits against the perineum, in much the same way, as does the arm of the standard JNaja: providing a pleasing level of pressure and ensuring that you are aware it is there.

    I found I needed to be a little more attentive and dextrous when putting the Birdnest JNaja on. Not only do you have to put your balls and cock through one at a time, you also have hold and squeeze the hoops of the Birdnest JNaja ensuring they are open to a convenient size. Also, it seems to me that being groomed to some level is a necessity to avoid longer hairs getting caught between the hoops.

    The finish is smooth and the size seems good to me, even if at 47.5mm it is slightly smaller than the 50mm standard JNajas I already own. 

    If there is any criticism then it is only that the perineum arm does not have the Velv-Or logo embossed on it. A minor detail that should not be worried about, especially as the JNada, another new member of the family, does not have a perineum arm to emboss!

    Get your JNaja Birdnest version now
  • Some days are better compared to others!!

    Enjoy more visualizations at our Sensual World of Velv'Or