• JNaja Birdnest version Review

    If you want something special – then get the Birdnest Jnaja  09/06/16

    I received my Birdnest JNaja today: a lovely bright orange one. What a truly clever bit of engineering and thoughtful design. Some serious and creative thinking has gone into the production of this marvel. 

    Using the materials of the standard JNaja, Jelle has come up with a new member to his cock ring family that when off looks beautiful and when on has the ergonomic curves to sit snuggly yet the flexibility to enring securely. 

    Made with two hoops attached to the perineum arm, one is a triple spiral while the other is a single loop. Both can be deformed easily in the hand to allow positioning, before reverting to their normal shape when you loosen your grip. The springiness of the 3D printed nylon fibre means that the Birdnest JNaja enrings you more firmly than the standard JNaja.

    The arm sits against the perineum, in much the same way, as does the arm of the standard JNaja: providing a pleasing level of pressure and ensuring that you are aware it is there.

    I found I needed to be a little more attentive and dextrous when putting the Birdnest JNaja on. Not only do you have to put your balls and cock through one at a time, you also have hold and squeeze the hoops of the Birdnest JNaja ensuring they are open to a convenient size. Also, it seems to me that being groomed to some level is a necessity to avoid longer hairs getting caught between the hoops.

    The finish is smooth and the size seems good to me, even if at 47.5mm it is slightly smaller than the 50mm standard JNajas I already own. 

    If there is any criticism then it is only that the perineum arm does not have the Velv-Or logo embossed on it. A minor detail that should not be worried about, especially as the JNada, another new member of the family, does not have a perineum arm to emboss!

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