• Why men masturbate

    From time to time we are asked why should we men masturbate. Do we do it just for pleasure or is there also an other reason why we do it??

    If we sit down and think about this question you will probably agree that we men do not only masturbate for pleasure. We start masturbating on a young age to get familiar with the man inside of us and our erect penis. After you experienced this you probably continued masturbating while day dreaming about your ultimate partner/s or simply while watching images or movies. These first steps were probably without any lube or oil which was your next step into the pleasure of masturbating. The interference of a partner was already part of your routine or just started to become a part of it. These steps got you into the pleasuredome of masturbating.
    But beside the pleasure, masturbation can also help you to gain more endurance before ejaculating. To achieve this using our AID BeBoosted for instance is essential to maintain a gliding effect or using a masturbating device like the Fleshlight STU with a lube like our MANHOOD Massage & Lube. The more you practice the longer you will be able to hold off your ejaculation. We say welcome to the World of Penis Workout Exercises.
    Beside endurance training there are many PWOD - Penis Workout Of the Day exercises that you can do daily to get and keep your penis fit.

    • Milking is one of the most powerful PWOD's - Penis Workouts Of the Day - you can do daily to force blood in to the chambers of your Penis. These chambers are called the Corpus Cavernosum and the Corpus Spongiosum. By milking the blood through these chambers towards your Glans they will expand in size.
    • Bloodflow is an exercise you can do wherever you are just by flexing your PC muscle to push blood into your penis making it nicely filled.
    • Swinging is best performed standing or sitting at the edge of a chair with your legs slightly opened so your penis has lots of space to swing. Hold the base of your Penis between your index and middle finger, the palm of your hand facing towards your belly, now make shaking movements so your penis starts to swing. This swinging will generate more blood flow in the penis so it's blood chambers will extend in size. Try not to get fully erect while doing this exercise.
    For more PWOD's just browse our World of Velv'Or 

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