• 48 hours to create a 3D printed master piece

    BeauGosse, JNaja, JNada, JBoa, JPython, JCobra, King JCobra. How do they wear? 

    When we at Velv’Or ask our League of EnRinged Gentlemen “How does it wear?” we’re asking not just “How does being EnRinged feel physically?” We are also asking “How does being EnRinged function for you?” and “How does being EnRinged make you feel emotionally?”

    We are always interested to learn of your expectations and experiences to help us develop our products. 

    Since 2006, when we first started producing cock rings, we have been working to develop and improve our range of life-style products. We have looked for ways of making our designs more effective in delivering people’s expectations and more widely available to everybody. 

    3D printing and processing has enabled us to offer some of our bespoke range as ready to wear rings. Printing and dying has also meant we have been able to significantly increase the range of sizes and colours on offer, and to develop new design concepts such as the Birdnest JNaja.

    Over the years, our printer has worked to improve the coloring and tumbling processing. Most of the products they now print do not need to be tumbled, but they have recommended that longer tumbling creates both better colouring and smoother surfaces. So now the whole printing, coloring and tumbling process actually takes about two days! 48 hours! We think the results are worth the wait.

    We have worked as well on the original JNaja design. The Velv’Or logo, which was inset on the upper side of the perineum arm, is now in relief on the underside. Moving and changing the logo’s appearance means the JNaja even more comfortable to wear and easier to keep clean. 

    We say “Tell us of your experiences, expectations and needs”. We’ll continue to work with you to help fulfill them.

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