• Many many men on the globe can already say Be EnRinged to their friends with a blink of joy in their eyes!! Can you already do this??

  • Extending the range

    Men are not created equal. At Velv’Or, we recognize this fact. Well that’s why we offer a wide range of Gentlemen’s rings. We want to ensure your needs can be met.

    Our highly popular bespoke JCobra’s and ready to wear JNaja’s massage the perineum, the erogenous area between the scrotum and the anus. And just as penis size and shape varies from man to man, we know too that Gentlemen who require a large ring to BeRinged will not have the same size perineum as men for whom a smaller ring provides the best EnRinged experience. On average, the length of a man’s perineum, is between 45mm and 50mm, though it can be as short as 10mm or as long as 90mm. That’s quite some size range!

    For Gentlemen with a longer perineum and who want a larger area of it massaged when being EnRinged, we can now offer a new edition to the JNaja family. We call it the JNata. With its extended arm, we think the EnRinged experience is one of feeling born again. And like cream rising on milk, it will help you raise your sexual experience too.

    Based on the JNaja, the JNata has an arm that is one and a half times as long as the arm on the JNaja. It is also wider where it attaches to the ring, and its iconic logo embossed head is bigger. The modifications mean the arm of the JNata can rest against and massage parts of your perineum that the JNaja cannot reach. 

    The JNata is currently available in a 50mm ring size with a 75mm long arm. It can be made in any one of 14 colours.

    Use our easy to follow instructions to determine whether a 50mm JNata is right for EnRinging your penis, scrotum and balls. If it is, then order one online today and see how it makes you feel.

    If the 50mm is not your size, or you desire something altogether different, then let us know your requirements by emailing orders@velv-or.com.

    As always we recommend you to listen to your body when wearing one of our rings.