• The JNata fulfills a need

    Story from a very happy EnRinged member of the Velv'Or League of EnRinged Gentlemen!!

    A JNaja designed and printed for me was my desire. I already had several JNajas.

    I had seen JNajas on the Internet and recognized that their design and production were beyond the everyday ordinary. I bought my first in Amsterdam. That was about three years ago. I find wearing a JNaja improves my erections, the volume of my ejaculate and the intensity of my orgasms. And from physical and psychological perspectives, wearing one is very pleasing. My experience is what I understand Velv’or means by being EnRinged.

    Despite the pleasure the JNaja gives, the arm does not reach along my perineum as far as I would prefer. I had seen pictures of long armed JNajas: one with the arm curving upwards and another with an extremely long arm that had been created especially for a Velv'Or fan. 

    I did not want a JNaja quite like either of these. My preference was for one with a longer arm: an arm that could massage my perineum above the bulb of my penis, and which would not be an inconvenience if the JNaja is worn for longer periods.

    I knew the size for the ring of the JNaja. However, I did not want the measurements for the arm to be wrong. I needed to provide Velv-or with accurate measurements for the arm, its angle to the ring, any curvature, and the shape of its tip. What was the best way of doing this? I was not sure, but I knew I had to be creative.

    I obtained some modeling materials and tried adding a longer arm to one of my JNajas. It was not as easy as I had hoped. The best material turned out to be a thermo-labile modeling plastic. Most of my “proto-types” looked more like abstract sculptures than something supposed to be purposeful. After quite a few retries, I found an arm length and angle, and tip size that seemed right.

    I contacted Velv’or and Jelle sent me an image that I was able to amend digitally and annotate with measurements. I returned it and he had his graphic team interpret my information into the initial design. We then discussed some modifications, what could work well, and a final design was agreed. That was mid October. By early November, I was unwrapping my new JNata - the name given to this extended arm JNaja.

    My first thought was “Wow!” I was holding the 3D version of the 2D images I had last seen on screen. Its shape looked correct and the colour I had selected was vivid. It felt good to hold and when I put it down it looked balanced and poised. But, how would it wear? I tried it on for size and comfort. 

    I find my JNata wears well: very well indeed. It is no harder to put on than a normal JNaja and it massages me precisely were I want it to massage. There have been times when I have worn it most of my working day and then most of the night. As with my JNajas, I have stronger erections, voluminous ejaculations and my orgasms are more intense. With it on I feel EnRinged. I love it!

    I had held back from requesting the JNata. Determining meaningful measurements for the design had been my chief concern. Having found a way of ensuring a satisfying shape could be achieved and getting the measurements sent in a meaningful way to Velv’Or, the rest was easy. Jelle provided advice and helped with his team to transfer my thoughts into a final design. The production process and delivery ran smoothly and efficiently.

    So my advice to you is, if you’ve been thinking of a bespoke design, a customized JNaja, a JNata or something interesting, then contact Jelle either on line at velv-or.net or email him at orders@velv-or.com. Let him help you fulfill your desires.

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