• Happy Year of the Ding You

    Year of the Ding You

    In the Chinese calendar each year is associated with one of twelve animal signs and one of five elements: Gold (metal) Wood, water, Fire or Earth. 

    This is the year of the Ding You. Ding You translates to Fire Rooster or Fire Cock. The year starts today 28 January 2017.

    Happy New Year!

    Men born in the Year of the Rooster are believed to be trustworthy, have a strong sense of timekeeping and to be responsible when at work. Their lucky colours are gold, brown and yellow – all colours that are available in our range of cockrings. Consider buying our gold JCobra, or a yellow JNaja or a brown JNada. We are sure wearing one of them will bring you luck.

    Lucky, propitious, colours for men born in years associated with other animal signs are, for the:

    Rat - blue, gold and green
    Ox - white, yellow, green
    Tiger - blue, grey, orange, white
    Rabbit - red, pink, purple, blue
    Dragon - gold, silver, greyish white
    Snake - black, red, yellow
    Horse - yellow and green
    Goat - green, red, purple
    Monkey - white, blue, gold
    Dog - red, green, purple
    Pig - yellow, brown, grey, gold

    Whether or not you hold beliefs like many of the Chinese, at Velv’Or we are confident that being EnRinged with one of our cockrings will keep you fulfilled and your spirits raised!

    Have a look in our online store and see what we have to keep you on fire during 2017.

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