• Investing ideas for 2017

    Some nice investment ideas from us.

    Men who are economic and enjoy having a tight hold on their goods should try our JBoas. 

    Whereas, if you still relish having a good grip on your resources, but are tempted to risk stretching some of them for better returns, we offer our BeauGosse set.

    For the more pleasure seeking Gentleman, who wants to invest and see their reserves rise, our JNajas, JNadas and JNatas, provide very satisfying levels of interest.

    While to the league of self-indulgent Gentlemen, we at Velv’or are asking:

    “Can you afford not to put your assets into precious metals?”

    Your portfolio will look better with one of our luxurious bespoke handcrafted JCobras. True hedonist can endow their possessions with a King JCobra.

    Contact us with your investment requirements at orders@velv-or.com

    Remember that when speculating present performance is not an indicator of future performance, and that your capital will go up as well as down.

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