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    Sexting on your phone and modern romance

    With the rise in use of cell phones these days along with the internet our romantic lives inhabit two different worlds. With our phones we have a private avenue for communication. Sexting can be a great way to build a connection with your potential partner. Nude photo's, erotic letters of love and images trough different media platforms.

    Between the 1970's and 1990's Polaroid and low cost cameras were used to promote sexual intimacy with high quality images. Digital media has now changed this allowing you to store images for yourself and your partner with different moments in your life.

    Sexting amoung couples is growing and is quite the norm these days. Some interesting facts:

    half of 20 – 28 year olds have received sexts
    You are more likely to sext if you own a smart phone
    The most popular time to sext is Monday between 9 and noon
    Females are known to sext pictures of the best vibrators they would like there partner to use on them
    People are married or in committed relationships are just as likely to send sexts as single people who are dating

    Why do people feel the impulse to sext? We have found that the main reason is to build a relationship and form of sexual attraction, it is also used in long distance relationships to keep in contact and keep the sexual appetite high.

    In general it is harder to maintain a long distance relationship and to keep it exclusive without technology in general. Being able to see your partners face while you chat on Skype or sending an erotic text saying “I am erect with a cock ring on, thinking of you”, can improve intimacy in a relationship, and shows your partner you are interested in them.

    We interviewed some people and find many good reasons for sexting, and the main theme was that it helped build a healthy sexual relationship. Some partners may sext each other as a form of power control. Once people interview stated “Sexting is a control thing for me, I wanted to make him want me”.

    Some people are also quite shy about being sexual and exploring this and sexting gives them a way to be more honest about this. Sexting is an easy way to discuss what you want with a partner, while sometimes in the bedroom you may feel intimidated and find it harder to discuss your needs and fantasies.

    For those who have just come out of a relationship, especially one which was harder to overcome, technology and social media is also a way to connect with past loves. Even if you are one of those people who can leave a relationship with a friendly connection, self control is all you needed when your past partner tries to contact you on Facebook or Skype.

    A recent experience was when I was taking off to New Zealand for a wedding, I was just about to board the plane, when I texted my girlfriend, “Hey, getting on the plane now, talk to you soon, give me a call”. When I was getting on the plane I knew I would have time to talk, she said ok. We used sexting to keep in contact and make a connection when I landed overseas.

    Exploring your relationship with different channels of communication and sexual exploration is a great way to increase intimacy and love.

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