• What do you call them?

    The right terminology can be illusive. Some folks call them sex toys. Others refer to them as sex tools. And there are people who call them sex aids!

    In truth, there are no really good terms or expressions for items, devices, or articles designed or used for improving and/or enhancing sexual pleasure.

    “Toys” has the sound of juvenility about it, accompanied by the idea of a more sexualized than sexual adult being. “Aids” suggests something dysfunctional, as though props are required to allow you to fulfill your needs. “Tools” has the thump and rattle of something DIY-ish and plain mechanical, offering only the means to construct an end product.

    At Velv’Or we are different. We think of our range of functional sensual attire as clothing to be worn. Wearing them will cause you to feel enringed and enriched. They are to be enjoyed for their sophisticated design and craftsmanship. 

    Above all, they are to enable you to feel comfortable: allowing the self in you out, so that you bring the real you to your experiences – be they solo or collaborative. Use them to explore environments that, without them, you might not normally explore.

    Look in to our redesigned online shop and see what you can find. 

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