• Something special for Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day Offers

    Here’s an opportunity for all lovers: whether they are lovers of Velv’Or products or couples in love. 

    In the run up to Valentine’s Day we are offering some excellent discounts on several of our products.

    There is a 40% discount when you order two JNajas and pendants. If you don't know the right size to buy then follow our easy to follow instructions. Just measure up your lover, but don't make it too obvious what you are up to. Be creative and include it in your sex play. Select from the 14 prime colours, so that he is prime when EnRinged. And remember, you don't have to buy the same size JNajas. Why not get one the right size and the second something smaller? Right size or smaller, you will enjoy getting him EnRinged!

    We’ve cut the price by 37% on two full sets of our nice stretchy BeauGosse rings.

    The BG 001 ring is designed to keep the blood in the penis making it like wood. The BG 002 is to encompass the whole package: that’s balls and penis. The penis is kept firm and the ring can be worn comfortably not only during sex, but also throughout the day. The BG 003 is for gripping the balls and pushing them away from the body while making the penis stand out. 

    What’s you lover going to do with two sets? Well, he might give one set back to you! 

    And if you purchase two constricting JBoas, they’ll be yours for 30% off their normal price. That’s one for constricting him at home and the other to keep handy for using elsewhere.

    These offers are only available until Valentine’s Day. Do it now: get along to our online store to place your order. And while there, see what other cool products we have available – a spray of Penis Refresh might be useful?

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