• Sons, lovers, partners, brothers, husbands, uncles, cousins, fathers, grand fathers, …

    Who wears cock rings?

    What do people know about the types of men who wear cock rings?

    At Velv’Or we know that there are: 

    those who definitely know about them
    those who think they know about them
    those who do not know about them

    Gentlemen who wear Velv'Or cock rings definitely know. Whereas people who think they know have probably got the wrong perception. And, people who don't know - well they just know ought to find out.

    The reality is that members of Velv’Or’s League of EnRinged Gentlemen know themselves. They are self-aware, and have a conscious knowledge of their own character and feelings. They are in tune with their bodies, and listen to what their bodies are saying to them. They are relaxed about their sexuality, their sexual preferences and sexual performances.

    So it is no surprise that men who wear cock rings are from all walks of life and are of all types. 

    They are engineers, graphic designers, architects, technicians, doctors, pilots, entertainers, teachers, retirees, agriculturalists, men looking for new positions, …

    They are sons, lovers, partners, brothers, husbands, uncles, cousins, fathers, grand fathers, …

    They are not just heterosexuals, but homosexuals and bisexuals and asexuals and polysexuals and pansexuals and graysexuals and demisexuals and autosexuals and of any other type of sexuality. Confused? Don’t be. Just don’t label people.

    They are not just young adults, but also middle-aged adults and older adults. 

    Nor are they men affected with health issues. They are also men who are physically and mentally healthy, who are able to sustain an erection and have control over when they ejaculate. 

    They are not just men with genitals of a particular size and shape. Hairy, trimmed or clean-shaven pubically, they may have smaller penises, or average sized penises, or be hung like proverbial horses. Their penises may be thick or thin or curved or as nature intended or pierced or circumcised. They may have two balls or just the one. The two balls may be similar or dissimilar in size. Whatever size and number they have, those they do have may hang close to their bodies or be rantallion, dangling down past the ends of their penises. 

    Whoever cock ring wearing men are, one of the things they do have in common is that they are sexually active.

    At Velv’Or, we cater for sexually active males. We offer a wide range of cock rings to accommodate all shapes, sizes and needs. There is our Ready to Wear range comprising JNajas, JNadas, JNatas, JBoas and Beaugosse. We also have our splendid Bespoke, made to measure, models: the King JCobra, the JCobra, the VV1, and the JPython.

    People who select Velv’Or cock rings know that they want a top quality product that will meet their high standards and expectations. They chose our products for the craftsmanship that has gone into our designs, for the selection and durability of materials used in production, and for the renowned customer service we offer.

    If you are that type of person and are looking for a cock ring for yourself, or for the man in your life, then visit our online store, and realize your wishes.

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