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    Your ideal weight!

    The polymath, Adolphe Quetelet has been an influential Belgian. It was he who conceived and devised the Body Mass Index (BMI), though it was Ancel Keys, an American, who gave it that name many years later. 

    Gentlemen who take an interest in their health and wellbeing will know about the BMI. It is a simple numeric measure that can be useful in assessing how much a person’s body weight departs from what is normal or desirable for their height.

    At Velv’Or, we know a lot about what is desirable and how to help Gentlemen, like you, achieve the state of being to which they aspire. To that end, we developed the Velv’Or range of cockrings. 

    When telling you about the benefits of our cockrings we have concentrated on the form and function, the materials they are made from, and colours in which they are produced. We admit, however, to having said little about their weights. We know though that for many Gentlemen being EnRinged with a heavier ring makes for a more pleasurable experience.

    So to help you decide which ring you should own and use, we have put together the following information. Unless stated otherwise, the weights given for the ready to wear range are for 50mm rings. The weights for the bespoke range are what a 50mm ring is likely to weigh. Please remember that each bespoke ring is individually crafted and decorated to the requirements of the Gentleman ordering it.  

    Our standard ready to wear range:

    JNaja (nylon) – 21 grams

    JNaja (alumide) – 29 grams -- Soon available

    JNaja - Birdnest (47.5mm edition) – 13 grams

    JNada (nylon) – 18 grams

    JNata (nylon) – 25 grams -- Soon available

    King JCobra (polyurethane resin) – 31 grams -- Soon available

    Our bespoke range:

    Silver JCobra hollow – 60 grams 

    Silver JCobra solid (Velvet & Vigor editions) – 200 grams

    Gold JCobra solid – 240 grams

    Platinum JCobra solid – 330 grams

    Silver King JCobra solid – 340 grams

    Gold King JCobra solid – 515 grams

    Platinum King JCobra solid – 685 grams

    Visit our online store, and if you can’t find what is going to give you that extra heft when EnRinged, then pop us an email at orders@velv-or.com. Tell us what your ideal weight is. We’ll work to help you attain satisfaction.

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