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    Originally from Time Out New York

  • When people love our JNaja they become hooked to it. A good example is Taylor Sparks (aka Mariposa) from Organic Loven! She recently took a model on stage during her class "How to make good pussy, better" on the Bliss Cruise Summit March 2017 to show the JNaja in action. Every body in the arena was all eyes on this EnRinged Crown Jewels.

    Taylor Sparks (aka Mariposa) and her two amazing Organic Loven girls Jetsetting Jasmine & Parish Michelle Blair enjoyed talking about our JNaja and measuring gentlemen during this Adults Only Cruise.

    She was Oh to happy to share some EnRinged Gentlemen with us

    While we know many of you became very interested in meeting these lovely girls in action and measuring you or your lover up we invite you all to book your Celebrity Equinox which will be from Nov 25 till Dec 2, 2017 with them.


  • The colours of spring make our lives more bright and delightful. They make us look forward to summer. Spring is a time to plan nice things to do in the summer ahead and also a period to look back at all the things you did last summer.

    For the members of our League Of EnRinged Gentlemen it is a time to prepare for the summer in their own specific ways. They can lay out their rings and make decisions about the other models, colours and sizes they would like to own. They can plan which colours and models they will wear on different occasions. Many will be heading off to Swinger/Gay holidays/parties/cruises/events or nude beaches to show of their EnRinged Manhoods. They will use their pendant versions of our JNaja to show they are members of our League Of EnRinged Gentlemen.

    Many will also daydream and some will share their dreams with us. Here is one of them.

    It is spring in Amsterdam. I am walking beside one of the canals, just wearing jeans, a dress-shirt and of course one of my JCobras. The sun is making me feel horny in one way or an other. 

    Accidentally I bump into an amazingly beautiful woman. She calls me by my name and tells me she recognizes me from about 20 years ago. We had shared the sauna from time to time at a gym where we both trained. She asked me if I would like to have a drink with her on her roof terrace. I of course could not resist this offer. 

    Though I was a bit shocked she had recognized me after all those years, to be honest I was very curious if she still had that amazing body I so often thought about when sitting in the sauna without her.

    Her apartment was just a few houses away from where we had bumped into each other. She asked if I wanted to take the stairs or the elevator to the top floor. I choose the stairs so I could follow her and watch her body move every step she took. She was wearing her gym outfit which was a pleasure for the eye. Her body was still in great shape especially for a woman of her age.

    When we reached her apartment she opened the doors to her roof terrace. A fence ran around it so no neighbors were able to peek inside. During our climb up the stairs I had already been dreaming about all the SexPositions I wanted to share with her. But now, while seeing her sunny terrace my thoughts went mad, especially when I saw the outside shower.

    There was a blender and a selection of fruit in a bowl in her kitchen so I offered to make a smoothy. She agreed and went off into an other room. When she came back I had already taken the drinks outside. She had a sip of hers and walked towards the shower. She took off her top and the fitness tights she was wearing. Oh yeah! The back view of her body still looked the same as I remembered it from all those years back. 

    I felt my blood flowing into the blood chambers of my penis. I could not resist, or remain on the sofa, so walked towards her taking off my clothes. My well trained and tanned body was in ecstasy especially when I felt the drops of water come splashing off her body on to mine. 

    When I nearly reached her she turned around with a smile on her face. Her eyes touched all parts of my body followed by her hands and her body. When she reached my JCobra she followed every curve of the design. Her hands played with it which made the blood in my penis flow even faster.

    The hot water from the shower felt amazing on my face as her hands slid over my back down towards my butt and her breasts moved over my chest towards my penis. The moment her lips and tongue touched my penis I felt in heaven. I remained there with the sun shining on my face until I lifted her body up so I could kiss, lick and suck her clitoris while her legs rested on my shoulders. After I had gotten her to orgasm I let her body slide down until her pussy reached my penis. From this moment on we fucked and enjoyed many many SexPositions.

  • Artist Jeanne de Montbaston drew these amusing images to help decorate and interpret Le Roman de la Rose, a book she illustrated when she lived in Rue Neuve Notre Dame in fourteenth-century Paris. 

    While nuns picking men’s genitals from where they have been growing on trees may seem a bit bizarre, the images serve to remind us that: 

    • a man only has one set and he should look after what he has, 
    • dildos in various forms have been around for centuries, and 
    • there is nothing like the real thing - for a man, at least.

    How does this relate to Velv’Or?

    Well in terms of genital health, we currently offer in our MANHOOD and AID ranges some products to help keep your genitals fit and fully functioning. 

    Our MANHOOD Penis Vitamins will give you that extra energy by supplying extra C and B vitamin to boost the metabolism of your whole body and give your penis the extra power it needs when performing, or wants to perform on a frequent basis.

    We developed AID BeBoosted to help you get your penis fitter! The ingredients of this unique cream stimulate the blood circulation and support the function of the penis’ erectile tissue, helping it to reach maximum thickness and strength.

    The natural plant ingredients of our AID BeHarder cream also stimulate blood circulation helping it to be harder when erect.  

    And our MANHOOD Penis Refresh can be used to give your penis a quick refresh before, during and after action. Spray it over your penis and wipe it off or simply let it dry by air, so your penis nice and fresh again. 

    As for dildos, we are currently working on designs that may come to market as bespoke orders. Watch out for further news on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ accounts.

  • Velv’Or CockRings: Conceived by an EnTrepeneur –EnGineered by Master Craftsmen – EnRinging and EnRiching

    EnVisage how you or your partner will feel when wearing one:

    • EnHanced and EnThralling

    • EnErgised and EnGendering 

    • EnChanting and EnTicing

    • EnLarged and EnLivened

    • EnAbled and EnDearing

    • EnNobled and EnRobed

    • EnDorsed and EnGorged

    • EnGaged and EnOrmous

    • EnThusiatic and EnTire

    • EnIgmatic and EnJoying it!

    So EnSure you share that EnRinged experience when EnTering all your EnCounters and EnTanglements or among the League Of EnRinged Gentlemen on Facebook or Twitter 

    If not already, EnList yourself or EnScript your partner, in our League of EnRinged Gentlemen. Visit our online store to get what it takes.
  • Many Gentlemen already wear one proudly. Will you be EnRinged with one of our Purple JNadas soon as well??

    Get yours now at our store!!

    The JNada is based on our first design as well as on our iconic JNaja and is an Ergonomically designed Cock Ring. One that follows the curves of your body making it a very comfortable Cock Ring to wear even when riding your bicycle for instance. As the JNaja you can wear it throughout the day, besides intercourse and masturbation sessions.
    The duration of being enringed varies per person, it’s always important to follow the indication of your body and take off the JNaja when required.

    The JNada is like the JNaja 3D printed and colored like stonewashed jeans so it will de-color over time, giving it a personal touch.

    The JNada is currently only available in 45MM, 47.5MM 50MM, 52.5MM and 55MM but we hope to add more sizes soon when the request for this model grows.
  • Helping out friends is always a good thing to do. Would you like to model for S(A)X Leather and show our JBoa or JNaja on the images for instance??



  • It is a pleasure doing business with Velv’Or. Their products always provide pleasure, and the quality of their service is excellent. 

    I used the Valentine’s Offer to add to my JNaja collection: two new different colours and one JNaja smaller than the other to see what a bit of added squeeze will do. 

    The colours are vibrant and primal, and the feel is soft and tactile. There are no nasty smells or unpleasant tastes. 

    I’m now walking around with my perineum being rubbed, a spring in my step, a look in my eyes, and zing in my being. The JNaja literally speaks to me. Can't wait for later to experience the “lead in my pencil” benefits! 

    I recommend you get one or two, just make sure you order the right size(s) and that you pick the colour(s) to suit your tones and moods.