• It is a real pleasure

    It is a pleasure doing business with Velv’Or. Their products always provide pleasure, and the quality of their service is excellent. 

    I used the Valentine’s Offer to add to my JNaja collection: two new different colours and one JNaja smaller than the other to see what a bit of added squeeze will do. 

    The colours are vibrant and primal, and the feel is soft and tactile. There are no nasty smells or unpleasant tastes. 

    I’m now walking around with my perineum being rubbed, a spring in my step, a look in my eyes, and zing in my being. The JNaja literally speaks to me. Can't wait for later to experience the “lead in my pencil” benefits! 

    I recommend you get one or two, just make sure you order the right size(s) and that you pick the colour(s) to suit your tones and moods.

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