• Our CockRings

    Velv’Or CockRings: Conceived by an EnTrepeneur –EnGineered by Master Craftsmen – EnRinging and EnRiching

    EnVisage how you or your partner will feel when wearing one:

    • EnHanced and EnThralling

    • EnErgised and EnGendering 

    • EnChanting and EnTicing

    • EnLarged and EnLivened

    • EnAbled and EnDearing

    • EnNobled and EnRobed

    • EnDorsed and EnGorged

    • EnGaged and EnOrmous

    • EnThusiatic and EnTire

    • EnIgmatic and EnJoying it!

    So EnSure you share that EnRinged experience when EnTering all your EnCounters and EnTanglements or among the League Of EnRinged Gentlemen on Facebook or Twitter 

    If not already, EnList yourself or EnScript your partner, in our League of EnRinged Gentlemen. Visit our online store to get what it takes.

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