• They don't grow on trees!

    Artist Jeanne de Montbaston drew these amusing images to help decorate and interpret Le Roman de la Rose, a book she illustrated when she lived in Rue Neuve Notre Dame in fourteenth-century Paris. 

    While nuns picking men’s genitals from where they have been growing on trees may seem a bit bizarre, the images serve to remind us that: 

    • a man only has one set and he should look after what he has, 
    • dildos in various forms have been around for centuries, and 
    • there is nothing like the real thing - for a man, at least.

    How does this relate to Velv’Or?

    Well in terms of genital health, we currently offer in our MANHOOD and AID ranges some products to help keep your genitals fit and fully functioning. 

    Our MANHOOD Penis Vitamins will give you that extra energy by supplying extra C and B vitamin to boost the metabolism of your whole body and give your penis the extra power it needs when performing, or wants to perform on a frequent basis.

    We developed AID BeBoosted to help you get your penis fitter! The ingredients of this unique cream stimulate the blood circulation and support the function of the penis’ erectile tissue, helping it to reach maximum thickness and strength.

    The natural plant ingredients of our AID BeHarder cream also stimulate blood circulation helping it to be harder when erect.  

    And our MANHOOD Penis Refresh can be used to give your penis a quick refresh before, during and after action. Spray it over your penis and wipe it off or simply let it dry by air, so your penis nice and fresh again. 

    As for dildos, we are currently working on designs that may come to market as bespoke orders. Watch out for further news on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ accounts.

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