• Your Desires and Your Healthy Body

    The Roman Juvenal wrote in his poem Wrong Desire is the Source of Suffering that “You should pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body.”

    At Velv’Or we disagree. While the Velv’Or life-style includes looking after your mind and your body, we believe you should do more than pray.

    We also think Juvenal was not quite right when in the same poem he espoused having “a strong heart … that knows neither wrath nor desire”. Managing your anger is extremely important for your health, but to have no desire … well, we think that is wrong.

    We know many men desire to own one of our incredible JCobras. A master craftsman makes each JCobra, using precious metals. They are magnificent and we encourage you to own one (or more) or at least to aspire to owning one. Of course, in the meantime, a JNaja will help you control your desires.

    Our ergonomic cock rings have many benefits for your health, as well as for your mind. Wearing one will help you focus on your perineum and your pelvic floor; areas of your body that should not be overlooked.

    Sedentary life-styles and ageing are not kind to muscles. As a result, some can loose condition and weaken. To avoid this they need to be exercised and kept active. So at Velv'Or we recommend you keep your pelvic floor muscles in good condition.

    Toned pelvic floor muscles can help you achieve stronger erections, maintain healthy hips, and gain greater control over your ejaculations.

    New technical approaches to keeping pelvic floor muscles fit and measuring hip activity are coming onto the market. While for some time now there have been apps for your smart phones and tablets that allow you to record and monitor the results of your exercise regime.

    These digital innervations do not get away from the fact that you have to exercise the muscles yourself. There are no short cuts! So learn to clench the muscles that are between your genitals and your anus. But please, as with all exercise, don’t over do it! Listen to what your body is telling you.

    Besides toning the muscles, exercising them will also help balance and cleanse your root chakra, or Muladhara: the home to your primal energy.
    When your root chakra is balanced, you have energy and self-confidence rather than arrogance or fear, and you feel calm, centred and ready for what life brings. And with your root chakra in balance it will lead the way for your other chakras to be aligned.

    At Velv’Or, we suggest you discover more about the benefits of a health pelvic floor and perineum. Read up about Bandha Yoga and Kegel exercise routines for men, and how to maintain your chakras in balance.

    And, if you don't already own a JCobra or a JNaja, then measure up and make a purchase via our online store

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